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Did You Know That Unkept Trees Present These 5 Dangers?

Shade, cleaner air, and an increase in the value of your home are just a few of the many positive aspects trees can provide to your yard and their aesthetic worth. If you are a homeowner, the trees in your yard likely contribute to your property’s appeal and unique personality. However, if you do not give your trees the attention and care they require, they can pose threats to your home, your family, and the environment. 

This post will discuss the necessity of appropriate tree management and explain five risks associated with trees that can be properly maintained.

1. Falling Branches

The risk of falling branches is among the most severe risks posed by trees that have not been maintained. It is possible for sick or otherwise compromised branches to fall off in strong winds or storms, or even just under their weight, inflicting substantial damage to your property, as well as possible bodily harm or even death to persons and animals in the immediate area. If you see any branches that are dead, diseased, or otherwise weak, it is essential to trim or remove them as soon as possible.

2. Property Damage

Can they fall, trees near structures or electrical lines pose a substantial risk of causing harm to nearby property. Strong winds can cause overgrown trees with huge branches and weak root systems to collapse over, causing damage to nearby structures such as roofs, walls, and other buildings. In addition, trees that are not maintained properly can cause damage to pipelines, walkways, and other components of your property’s infrastructure, which can result in expensive repairs.

To keep the tree’s general health in good condition, a tree trimming service in Portland, or wherever you happen to live, can assist in the removal of branches that are either diseased, damaged, or dead. Regular tree trimming not only prevents property damage but also protects the surrounding natural environment. Regular pruning is beneficial to a tree’s health since it increases the amount of sunshine and airflow, reduces the spread of disease, and improves the tree’s appearance.

3. Electrical Hazards

A considerable electrical hazard can be created by trees that are situated near power lines. When branches that have been allowed to overgrow their space come into contact with electricity wires, it can result in power outages, electrical fires, and even electrocution. You can get in touch with the power company in your area or a reputable tree service as soon as you become aware of any trees growing near power lines. This way, you can have them removed or trimmed immediately.

4. Infestations Caused By Pests

Unmaintained trees have a greater likelihood of being plagued by pests, which can be damaging to the tree’s health and eventually end in the death of the tree. Numerous insects and pests, such as termites, carpenter ants, and emerald ash borers, are capable of wreaking havoc on tree flora and fauna. If you see any signs of a pest infestation, such as holes in the tree’s trunk or branches, you should get in touch with a qualified tree service as soon as you can. They will be able to evaluate the situation and take the appropriate actions to protect other trees in the area that have yet be to affected.

5. Personal Injury

The lack of upkeep those trees receive may put people in harm’s way if they were to fall. Accidents and injuries can occur as a consequence of trees that are allowed to grow unchecked and block the view from nearby sidewalks and drives. In addition, anybody who is in the proximity of falling branches or trees puts themselves in grave danger. It is important to do routine maintenance and trimming on your trees in order to lessen the likelihood that someone may be injured.


The benefits that maintaining trees on your property can provide to both your home, the environment, and the people you love are numerous. If you have trees on your property, you should strongly consider investing the time and money required to keep them in check. By doing so, you can help prevent expensive and sometimes irreparable damage.