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10 Ideas for Sustainable & Conscious Gifting

Almost all the gifts exchanged among individuals contribute to a lot of waste: the gift wrapper, ribbon, and plastic wrap used in finalizing presents harm the environment. Therefore, you should go for gift ideas that are sustainable and conscious. Let’s look into ten ideas for sustainable and conscious gifting for all events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, and wedding ceremonies.  

1. Gifting Local Items 

When you order a gift, know that the transportation and the extra packaging harm the environment. Excessive emissions of dangerous greenhouse gases are not good for the earth. A solution can be buying items that are from your own country. Moreover, support small setups so they can earn through your purchases. 

Buying from the people around you will prevent a carbon footprint as it will cut down the extra fuel and transportation costs through shipping.

2. Opt for a Plant

Plants make excellent gifts, and they are sustainable and eco-friendly. They make a place look green and bright. 

Benefits of gifting a plant

The plant you give someone will mature and benefit the planet, improving the air quality of your house. You can paint the pot and plant your favorite flower. The pot can be placed on the window, kitchen, or in the garden. Replace bouquets and encourage the gifting of living plants. However, if your friend is irresponsible, go for a plant requiring less care like Cactus. 

3. A Coffee Mug 

Never buy a poor-quality present. What is that thing the receiver of the gift uses every day? It can be a coffee mug, a lunchbox, or a bottle that can be used in the gym. 

Why gift a coffee mug?

A coffee mug is something people use every day. Therefore, give a sustainable mug that can be multipurpose. Because it will be high quality, the gift receiver will use it forever. 

4. Waste Eliminator Kit

There are a lot of waste eliminator kits around these days, and the main objective is to train someone to reduce extra littering and waste. 

What items can be stored in the kit?

The kit can store biodegradable, reusable, or recycled items. You can collect or store your straws that are made of stainless steel. You can also buy a biodegradable cup or a coffee sipper and a toothbrush made of bamboo. You can also add a grocery strap bag made of cotton.

5. Coconut Shell Bowls

The best thing you can give your smoothie lover friend is a bowl made out of coconut shells. 

6. Online Books

Books are an excellent gift, especially if the receiver is a reader. Know their favorite types of books and buy the audible version of those books and gift them.

Subscription for audible

The best way to make your gift receivers happy is to give them a premium subscription to audible books. This way, they will not have difficulty listening to books anywhere and wherever: no internet or environmental harm is required. There will be several choices, and the list will be never-ending. 

7. Sustainable Speaker

Speakers made of bamboo are an excellent way to practice sustainability. Such speakers are handmade. This way, you can give your loved ones a biodegradable speaker without using plastic. 

Are bamboo speakers good quality? 

Don’t fear the sound quality of the bamboo speakers. The special cutting of the speaker makes it durable, delivering a beautiful tone. The amplifier is also handmade. The best part is there is no requirement for electricity, making it a hundred percent green and sustainable product. 

How does it work? 

The speaker is secured in place through a single section of bamboo. The piece holds the device, and the sound is gradually amplified accordingly. It is portable as it is wireless and uses the latest technology of Bluetooth connectivity. 

8. Bird Feeder

A handmade bird feeder is a cute gift for the ones who love birds.

How can it be used?

If the receiver of the gift doesn’t have a garden, no need to worry as you can easily hang it on the trees or keep it in your window space. 

9. Sustainable Soaps

Nowadays, the aesthetic soap business is in high demand. These soaps are scented and high in quality, and a good bar of soap doesn’t melt unnecessarily. 

How are soaps eco-friendly?

These sustainable soaps are eco-friendly because the packaging is not plastic, and the ingredients are natural oils. You will find them in many scents, designs, colors, and shapes. 

10. Sustainable Jewelry

Sustainable fine jewelry is not made with harmful chemicals, and it is environmentally friendly as the sources used to make it are purely renewable.  

Why sustainable gift jewelry and not traditional? 

Sustainable jewelry will not harm the earth, and it will not irritate the skin either. It lasts longer than traditional jewelry, which means you can use that jewelry piece many times. Traditional jewelry can lose color when in contact with water as it is made of chemicals.


When gifting your close ones, it is not mandatory to use sparkly wrapping papers and plastic wraps or bags. You always have the option to brainstorm and purchase items that are sustainable and of good quality. Motivate your close ones to accept and give gifts that are friendly to nature. These ten ideas will assist you a lot in being conscious of buying sustainable gifts.