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8 Creative Gift Ideas for Dungeons & Dragons Enthusiasts

Shopping for the Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast might be difficult, particularly if you need help understanding how the 50-year-old roleplaying game even functions. Use this article to point you toward some of the best choices for gamers of all types.

Give Dungeon & Dragons gifts to a loved one devoted to this fascinating game to have the most memorable game. Learn more about it so you can play with them too!

Gift Ideas: For Playing the Game

Character Pencils

Your character undergoes numerous transformations when you play Dungeons and Dragons. They gain experience points and boost their stats, gather gold and loot, acquire magical items, gain new skills, and do much more! 

It makes sense to fill up your character sheet with a pencil rather than a pen, as things are constantly changing, and you want to change it quickly—no need to use basic pencils for this task. 

Pen and paper role players will love some rubber-tipped D&D character class pencils! The remaining pencils can either be kept for yourself to use when you roll another character later or distributed to your group.

Dice Tower

The best way to give dice a gorgeous tumble (and prevent them from rolling off the table and onto the floor!) is with a dice tower. Dice fall down the tower’s alternate ramps and clatter as they settle in the tray at the bottom.

When not used, it folds up beautifully for storage and is of incredible quality. So don’t give your friend a basic pack of dice. Be more creative!

Drinking Horn

Use a drinking horn to immerse yourself in the D&D fantasy medieval theme! These horns, made from genuine buffalo horns, have a vintage vibe.

The conventional models, ideal for drinking ale or mead since they keep cold drinks, also come in a unique coffee version that can handle hot beverages.

You can make their horn uniquely theirs with a custom engraving that includes some gorgeous fonts.

Dice Holder Coaster

A coaster would undoubtedly inspire envy among D&D players! Make sure it is made beautifully with space for a complete set of dice!

Suppose you’re looking for a more significant gift. Then it works great with the drinking horn.

Spell Tracker Scroll

For a D&D player who takes on the role of a wizard, sorcerer, druid, or another spellcaster, a spell tracker is an ideal present! You can customize the painting with their favorite colors or the dress colors of their characters. 

All the non-magical players in the D&D party will want to re-roll their characters for wizards when they set this spell tracker on the table!

A Custom D&D Board

Many players play D&D online. However, there is nothing better than friends getting together and playing physically with a custom board. You could give them one for D&D or other custom board games you think they’d enjoy. 

Gift Ideas: Game Merchandise

Character Sweatshirts

You can get a custom character hoodie or sweatshirt for your D&D Player enthusiast. Try to get their character’s class, abilities, points, and spells on them to make a more immersive experience.

Art Commissions

Many Dungeons and Dragons players study graphic arts to depict their characters accurately. Some people, however, cannot acquire the talent required to accurately transform what they envisage into a visual medium.

An art piece might be great for them to hang in their room or wherever the team joins to play together. You can pay an online creator familiar with the game to paint your friend’s specific character. Or even custom-create a character according to their preferences.

Final Words

There is no disputing that Dungeons & Dragons has grown more well-known than ever in recent years, which has resulted in a massive increase in the number of new players creating characters and using dice in the tabletop gaming community. The roleplaying fanatic in your life deserves something extraordinary, whether they play D&D online or like your tabletop RPGs on a real table.