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5 Creative Tips to Send Out Your Wedding Invitations

If you’ve found the one, there’s no time to waste. It would help if you got your wedding invitations out as soon as possible to give your guests enough time to plan and book flights and hotels. We know, we know. It’s stressful! There’s so much to do and so little time to do it. But don’t panic! There are plenty of creative ways to help you get those wedding invitations out quickly while keeping things fun and personal.

Here are some ideas to help you knock this task out of the park.

1. Add a Unique Stamp For An Extra Touch

If you’re mailing your invitations, you might want to add a unique stamp to each one to make your invitations truly stand out. You might, for example, create a stamp with a theme from your wedding, or you could create a stamp that features a particular date or a special quote. You could also use a special stamp to ensure your guests know it is your wedding invitation.

You could use a stamp with your names or a special date from your relationship. If you’re mailing your invitations, you can order custom stamps online at a relatively low cost. You can also use a special stamp on your thank-you cards to give your overall wedding correspondence a consistent look.

2. Customize

If you’re having trouble getting started on your invitations, don’t rush! Take your time and make sure your invitations are as personalized as possible. It is your big day, so you want everything about it to be as unique as you are.

Once you’ve got your invitations, don’t forget to consider your wedding stationery! This includes things like your table cards, menus, thank you cards, etc. Ensure your wedding stationery ties in with your invitations to create a cohesive look and feel. Ensure to get your couture invitations from the best designers available for an extra touch of luxury for your event.

3. Host A Virtual Potluck to Ask For Your Guests’ Food Preferences

If you’re planning a destination wedding and you know your guests will come from all over the world, you may be wondering how you can ensure they have access to the foods they need to eat. You can ask your guests about their dietary restrictions with a virtual. You could use a virtual potluck to ask your guests about their food preferences and let them share recipes for their favorite dishes. You could also create a poll so your guests can vote on their favorite foods.

4. Include a Small Gift In Each Invitation

You could include a small gift in your invitations to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to celebrate your special day. You might want to consider the cost of the gift and size when deciding on an appropriate gift.

You could use the gift to help guests identify what type of invitation they’ve received. You could include the gift with your invitation or a note asking your guests to keep the gift until the wedding so they can open it. You could also have a gift with your thank-you cards.

5. Use Technology to Help With The Task

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task of sending out your invitations, don’t hesitate to use technology to help lighten the load. You can use an online invitation company to design and print your invitations and send them out electronically. 

You can send them out through email or text and use social media to invite your guests. You can also use technology to help manage your guest list, so you don’t accidentally leave anyone out.

You can use an app like Google Sheets to create a master list of your guests and their contact information, including email addresses. You can then export that information to your invitations company or send it electronically to your guests so they can add their information to the list and RSVP.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, a wedding invitation is your guests’ first impression of your wedding. It’s essential to spend some time on your invitations to make sure they are special and reflect your relationship and wedding theme. The above are some of the creative ways you can use them. Whatever type of invitation you choose, just be sure it reflects you and your relationship.