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How to choose the best child care centre in Canberra 

So, you live in Canberra and you’re thinking of enrolling your young child or children in a child care centre somewhere in the city. Fortunately, when it comes to child care centres, Canberra has numerous options to choose from but in order to find one that’s right for you and your child, there are some things to consider while performing your search.

Follow this guide to discover the best child care Canberra has to offer.

Does the Centre Offer a School Readiness Program?

The best child care centres in Canberra will invariably offer a quality school readiness program. This is a program that’s been devised to equip children with the knowledge and skills to successfully start primary school full of confidence. School readiness programs also reduce the likelihood of children suffering from separation anxiety during the first few days of school.

School readiness includes learning academic basics, developing personal skills such as socialising and communication, teamwork skills and much more.

Make certain the centre you’re thinking of choosing offers a comprehensive school readiness program.

Visit the Centre In Person First

When you have a few places in mind that seem like they might be suitable, pay a personal visit to each centre that interests you so you can speak face-to-face with the members of staff, ask questions and generally observe everything that’s going on.

A personal visit will give you a good feel for the place. While you’re there, you will discover some of the activities children are involved in and also be able to observe whether the kids look happy and content. Is there a positive vibe and how well do the children and their minders interact?

Every parent should personally visit a facility first before enrolling their child in an early education centre. Also, take note of the centre’s hours of operation and see whether those hours fit in with your requirements. Be sure to inquire as to whether the child care centre has any age restrictions too.

View the Child Care Centre’s Curriculum Of Activities

While you’re visiting any given child care centre, ask to see a detailed copy of the centre’s curriculum of activities. This will allow you to discover just what your child will do and learn while attending the centre and whether the curriculum matches up with your expectations.

A quality child care centre will be more than happy to discuss their curriculum with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

One thing you will want to note is whether the centre follows the guidelines of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Seek Recommendations From Other Parents

Another good way to create a short list of possible early education centres is to seek recommendations from other parents that you know personally, or even go online and ask questions on your social media platforms.

Personal recommendations are some of the best, as you gain first-hand insight into exactly what a particular centre is like, what they offer and whether that parent’s child is happy attending the suggested centre.

You can also research positive feedback about a particular centre online as well.

Does the Child Care Centre Provide Meals?

Check whether a proposed centre provides daily meals for the kids and if they do, is there an extra fee for this? You will also want to establish whether the food that’s being provided is healthy and nutritious. Many quality early learning centres will have an on-site chef that prepares delicious meals that are also very healthy for growing kids.

It’s also important to make note of whether the child care centre actively teaches children about the benefits of eating a healthy and nutritious diet (such as eating fruit and vegetables), as the preschool years are an important age for kids to learn about proper nutrition.

The Wrap

Before embarking on your search for the right child care centre in Canberra, it can be a wise idea to first create your own checklist of requirements. This way, you can tick those items off when researching a particular centre. Having a checklist will give you a better idea of what you’re looking for and will make the job of finding the right centre for you and your child so much easier.