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CA Course duration

What is the Minimum Duration of a CA Course in India?

The CA Course Duration is five years. To become a CA, students must complete all three levels and three years of articleship. In addition, students who enrol in CA courses via Direct entry are exempted from the CA Foundation test and may finish the CA Course in only 4.5 years. However, the duration shown above is the minimum duration. 

Chartered Accountant professionals manage an entity’s finances, auditing, and taxation. The CA syllabus that a student will cover in these five years includes financial reporting, management accounting, professional ethics, information systems control, strategic financial management, auditing, taxation, etc.

If you are a CA aspirant looking for the CA duration details, then VSI Jaipur has brought a detailed blog on the CA course duration after the 12th and graduation.

CA Course Duration After 12th

At least five years are necessary to complete the Chartered Accountancy course. So the student must pass three examinations and finish three years of articleship. Below is the breakdown of each CA Course level:

CA Foundation Course Duration

The foundation level duration is for six months. After completing their 12th-grade education, students may enrol for the CA Foundation examinations. To sit for the CA Foundation Exam, candidates must complete a four-month study following registration. Additionally, the CA Foundation results will be released two months following the conclusion of the examinations.

CA Intermediate Course Duration

The CA Intermediate duration is for ten months. To sit for the CA Intermediate examinations, a candidate must study for eight months after registering. Within two months of CA Inter, students can expect the results.

As soon as you pass your CA Intermediate exams, you may enrol in ICITSS training. Moreover, students can complete this training while waiting for the CA Intermediate results.

CA Articleship Training Period

The CA Course Duration also includes the articleship period. The CA Articleship training lasts three years and is obligatory for all CA candidates. Students will gain practical knowledge of chartered accountants over these three years. After passing either or both sets of the CA Intermediate, CA Students can apply for Articleship training.


The AICITSS is available to students throughout their last two years of Articleship.

CA Final Course Duration

The CA course duration includes the CA Final, which is eight months, including CA Final preparation and results. Additionally, individuals may sit for the CA final exam while undertaking their final six months of Articleship.

To finish the CA Course in 5 years, you must pass each level on the first try. As the number of your efforts increases, so will the duration will increase by six months.

For a better and quick understanding, here is a table for your reference:

ProcessDuration(in Months)
CA Foundation Preparation4 Months
CA Foundation Result Waiting2 Months
CA Intermediate Preparation8 Months
CA Intermediate Result(Complete ITT and OT during such period)2 Months
Articleship Training3 Years
CA Final Preparation6 Months
CA Final Result2 Months
CA Course Duration5 Years

CA Duration After Graduation

The CA Course duration following graduation is 4.5 years. Graduates are eligible to apply straight to the CA Intermediate Course. Moreover, they are exempt from passing the CA Foundation examinations.

Following CA Inter registration, candidates must finish the 1-month ICITSS course and the 9-month articleship program. After passing both CA Inter groups, candidates must finish the remaining training and pass the CA Final examinations.

CA CourseDuration
Complete ITT and OT during1 Month
CA Intermediate Preparation8 Months
CA Intermediate Result Waiting2 Months
Articleship Training3 Years
CA Final Preparation6 Months
CA Final Result2 Months
CA Duration after Graduation4.5 Years

About The CA Course Syllabus 

In this section, we will check what subjects a CA student will cover during the entire CA Course Duration.

The CA Foundation has four subjects covering Accounting, Economics, Law, Business Maths, etc.

The CA Intermediate has two groups, with each having four subjects. So the total subjects are eight which are as follows.

CA Intermediate Group 1 Subjects
Accounting (100 Marks)
Corporate and other Laws (100 Marks)Corporate Laws (60 Marks)Other Laws (40 Marks)
Cost and Management Accounting (100 Marks)
Taxation (100 Marks)
CA Intermediate Group 2 Subjects
Advanced Accounting (100 Marks)
Auditing and Assurance (100 Marks)
Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management (100 Marks)Enterprise Information System (50 Marks)Strategic Management (50 Marks)
Financial Management and Economics of Finance (100 Marks)Financial Management (60 Marks)Economics of Finance (40 Marks)

The CA Final has two groups, with each having four subjects. So the total subjects are eight which are as follows.

CA Final Group 1 Subjects
Financial Reporting (100 Marks)
Strategic Financial Management (100 Marks)
Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics 
Corporate and Economic Laws (100 Marks)
CA Final Group 2 Subjects
Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation (100 Marks)
Anyone from below:Risk ManagementFinancial Services and Capital MarketsInternational TaxationEconomics LawsGlobal Financial Reposting Standards Multidisciplinary Case Study
Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation
Indirect Tax Laws


So we hope this post offers you a complete overview of the duration of the CA course, which will help you plan accordingly. If you plan to appear in the CA exams 2023, check the registration dates and enrol today. For CA preparation, VSI Jaipur is here to assist you.