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The Best Data Science Courses You Can Take For Free

Finding the top free data science courses might be difficult. There are so many to select from. There is a wealth of free knowledge and training available in the world around us in the fields of data science and data analysis. The following list includes some of the top free online data science courses. These courses are offered by top online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, freecodecamp, etc.

Data Science is all about processing, analysing, and manipulating huge amounts of data. Then utilising patterns and procedures to uncover and extract insightful knowledge. Data Science is all about the extraction of raw and quantitative data. Then organising it into organised useful information, allowing for analysis, visualisation, and record-keeping. It combines hard skills (such as studying Python and SQL) and soft skills (such as business or communication skills).

The field of data science has been skyrocketing since the beginning. The world has transformed into a highly tech-savvy society. Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated. This has led to high demand for data science jobs and data scientists roles. Data science professionals can simplify big data with the help of coding, algorithms and tools. Their job is to transform data into problem-solving solutions for organisations.

Top free data science courses

1. What is Data Science? [Coursera FREE Course]

Get started on your data science journey with this free introductory course on data science on Coursera. Coursera is one of the most trusted and leading learning portals which comes up with lots of quality content.

This course tells about why data Science is labelled as the sexiest job of the 21st century. Discover everything to know about data science. From what data science is, what data scientists do to possible career routes in data science.

This course will contribute to your learning in any of the best Coursera Professional Certificates programmes, like:

  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
  • Key Technologies for Business Specialization
  • Introduction to Data Science Specialization
  • IBM AI Foundations for Business Specialization

2. Lean Data Science in 6 Hours for FREE [Youtube + FreeCodeCamp]

Get introduced to the fundamentals, real-life practices and tools of data science in this course by FreeCodeCamp. All this makes a must-watch amazing free course for every beginner.

A 6-hour-long detailed course to be freely available on YouTube is a great boon for all data science enthusiasts. This course takes you through various aspects of data science. It leaves you with a strong foundation for future learning and applications.

3. Data Science for Everyone [Free Course by DataCamp]

A non-technical course to answer all your ifs and buts about data science. You will gain an understanding of the various roles that data scientists play. Furthermore, you will know about fundamental concepts like A/B testing, time series analysis, and machine learning. Know about how data scientists draw conclusions from actual data through practical exercises.

This course offers a non-code-based introduction to data science. DataCamp is among the top interactive learning platforms for data skills

4. Data Analysis with Python

The practice of data analysis is not new. Developers honed their skills with expensive, closed-source applications such as Tableau. But, Python, SQL, and other open frameworks have recently fundamentally changed data analysis.

This course will get you familiar with Python for data analysis. Beginning with the fundamentals of Python, this course will lead you through an exploration of a wide range of data types. Discover lots of important tenets of data analysis with python like,

how to prepare data for analysis

do basic statistical calculations

make insightful data visualisations

forecast future trends from data, and more!

5. CloudyML Data science and analytics free course

CloudyML has come up with a super-simplified data science course. This course will help you embark on an interesting and exciting data science career.

The course will dive you into following important concepts of data science and data analytics:

  • Python
  • Machine learning
  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • PowerBi
  • SQL

CloudyML free data science course is a quality rich experience. It is one of the best free data science courses. The course will help you come up with crystal clear clarity regarding the data science space

CloudyML is an amazing data science educational platform. It is flooded with lots of quality content which can help you book a successful career as a data scientist.


Hope this article would have been helpful for professionals who are considering switching their career. Opting for online free data science courses is great as they are convenient and flexible. However, the data science free online course with a certificate should be worthwhile to take in addition to their regular schedules. Completing such courses will increase chances of being chosen for the top data science positions in India.