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How To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

Sustainability is a key factor that people are starting to get used to and for good reason. Fast fashion is one of the biggest causes of carbon emissions with it equating to all international flights and shipping combined. More people are becoming much more conscious of their buying habits in recent years and people are really trying to get on the right track. Some want to but they don’t know how to do it. In this article, we will go through some helpful tips on making your wardrobe more sustainable.

Buy Second-hand Clothing

Purchasing second-hand clothing isn’t for everyone but it is certainly one of the best ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable. Buying second-hand clothing is a way where you can give good quality pieces of clothing a new extended life. There are so many different places where you can buy used clothing these days such as charity shops, cloth swapping groups on social media and now there are apps where you can buy vintage clothing. With some of these avenues, you will be able to find what you like and if that is designer then you can also find these on apps such as Depop.

Buy Timeless Designs

Fast fashion is all about new cuts, shapes and bold colours and when it comes to those hypebeasts, then it all goes downhill as it will shortly go out of style. Opt for timeless designs and shapes so that you will not have to get rid of them when they go out of style. This way you will always be in style with classic and timeless pieces. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t think you will wear it more than 30 times, don’t buy it.

Classics include shirts, plain tees, chinos or straight jeans and a blazer. Don’t go for bold colours as this could be a cause to only wear the item in a certain climate or when the weather gets more summery.

Choose Sustainable Materials

If buying second-hand clothing isn’t your thing, then you can look for clothing that is made from sustainable materials that don’t use microfibres. Microfibres come out in the wash and then end up in our oceans. They are also extremely difficult to clean up meaning that fish and sea animals consume this. Cotton may seem harmless, but it actually uses around 3,900 litres of water to make a single white Tee.

There are many alternatives that don’t harm the environment such as bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and GOTS certified cotton. GOTS cotton is much more regulated than standard cotton. It regulates its fair trade to its farmers, the amount of water used, the chemicals used and much more. If you are struggling to find whether the garment is sustainable, check the tag as this will give you all the information you need,

Opt For Quality Over Quantity

Fast fashion is the polar opposite of this. Cheap clothes that will last the trend and then be discarded into the bin. This is not what we want and this is what is wrong with the whole fashion industry. You buy some cheap rubbish where you think it will last and then after five washes you start to see that the item is stretched, lost its colour, fraying and just basically unwearable. 

Opt for good quality timeless pieces that will last you for years to come. Neutral colours and timeless designs are always best as they never go out of style. By spending more time on testing the quality of the materials, looking at how it feels on and just look at whether this will last can seriously improve your sustainable wardrobe.

Sustainable Wash Your Clothes

There is a range of different ways in which you can wash your clothes more sustainably. The first option is to stop washing your clothes so much and spot washes them instead. This will help to reduce the microfibres in the washing machine. You can also use deodorising sprays to remove the smell.

The second option is to use cold water only to wash your clothes and use short cycles on the washing machine. This helps to use less energy but also doesn’t help to have your clothes dry. There are special detergents that are specifically designed for cold washes. By allowing your clothes to air dry, you will get the added benefit of your clothes smelling great from the fresh air.

To relieve the stresses from microfibres going into the wash, there are now special bags like a guppy bag. This is great for clothes that are for sports such as full tracksuits or stretchy leggings etc.

These are just some of the great ways in which you can make your wardrobe much more sustainable. This is not to say you can’t buy anything naughty, just concentrate on the better quality, more sustainable items for your everyday wardrobe.