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Vida Silver 2021, The Event Aimed At The Senior Generation

Vida Silver, the platform created for people over 50 years of age by IFEMA MADRID and the digital transformation expert Adolfo Ramírez, will celebrate its first edition in face-to-face format between November 25 and 27.

In its three days of duration, Vida Silver 2021 will have a wide range of professional content and recreational and cultural activities aimed at the so-called silver generation , a generation eager to continue enjoying their free time and leisure, as well as sharing their knowledge and professional experience as they get closer to retirement.

The journalist and television presenter Ramón Arangüena will act as master of ceremonies for the three days of Vida Silver 2021, guiding attendees through the different contents of the event.

The mornings from Thursday to Saturday will be focused on content aimed at SMEs and entrepreneurs, addressing aspects associated with the Silver Economy and senior talent as an opportunity for SMEs, through different round tables and presentations.

In the afternoon, there will be entertainment content, workshops, live music, activities related to health and well-being, round tables and conferences by renowned professionals. Among the first confirmed, Vida Silver 2021 will have personalities such as the actress Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, the writer Carmen Posadas and the actor and singer Nancho Novo, who together with his group “Nancho Novo and the punished without dessert” will offer a concert as a finishing touch end of event.