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Big Mouth Animated Comedy Series- The Lowdown

The creativity that goes behind developing characters and animating them to life in the big mouth animated comedy series deserves true accolades, as breathing the essence of existence into animated individuals that gather behind a mirror and make the whole society face it is not something that everyone can execute. The debate to draw out the positive and negative aspects is a stage that is delayed to a later time. 

Many of us get to witness the complexity of humans through the characters of one such animated show, which is not only currently airing but is also sending ripples through various social and other media platforms. 

Big Mouth, the most intense contemporary show, may revolve around animated people that are basically growing children between 12 to 14 years, but it is definitely making jaws drop only a few seconds into it.

If you are curious about the Big Mouth voice actors voicing the most eye-widening thoughts and dialogues, then travel with us through this animated journey.

What is the Big Mouth Animated Comedy About?

Big Mouth is at the receiving end of a mixed reaction from the audience. You might be laughing hard at the show while getting extremely upset within the same instance. It might be making history in being an animated show with an extreme range of negative adjectives attached to it. Lewd, inappropriate, nuanced, disturbing and aggressively uncomfortable are just a few among the rich vocabulary used for this show on Netflix, which revolves around the coming-of-age phase of children. 

It sets out to explore the life experiences of pubescent teens that are often characterized as taboo, complicated and definitely compromising. Several themes are sewn into the canvas of this concept: social media, cultural identity, masturbation, sexual identity, periods, depression, inclusivity, anxiety, pornography etc. 

Who are the Famous People Offering Services as Big Mouth Voice Actors?

Let us list down the Big Mouth voice actors lending their voices to the main characters on this show. 

  • John Mulaney

John Mulaney is a writer and a known comedic actor who pushes his words through the Mouth of Andrew Glouberman, a shy teenager in the process of puberty. 

  • Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll is not only involved in the show as the co-creator but is also roaming the animated world as Coach Steve, punctuating the most perfectly bizarre sentences at the best time. He gives his voice to Hormone Monster’s dialogues and the show’s main protagonist, Nick Birch, who is currently in the phase of physical change as he is a pre-pubescent teenager.

  • Maya Rudolph

The multi-talented Maya Rudolph plays behind the animated actor Diane Birch, a nurturing mother to her son and the wife of Elliot Birch. 

  • Jordan Peele

This comedian, filmmaker and actor offers the service of his voice for the ghost of Duke Ellington.

  • Fred Armisen

Elliot Birch, a doctor playing the role of father for his family, is given the humanly trait of voice by Fred Armisen. 

  • Jason Mantzoukus

He is a comedic actor that works effortlessly to provide a concrete version of dialogues of Jay Bilzerian by making them audible. 

  • Jessi Klein

The comedic writer, Jessi Klein, represents the voice of the main girl of the show, Jessi Glaser. 

  • Andrew Rannells 

The only openly homosexual male character, Matthew, is voiced over by the television and voice actor Andrew Rannells.

  • Jenny Slate

She provides her voice to the talkative and shy girl of the show, Missy. She is a comedic actor and author. 

What Channels Can I see Big Mouth On?

It may not surface as news that the Big Mouth animated comedy series is only aired on Netlfix and is not run on any other channel. The show’s availability made through third-party applications and websites is also not in the official records. 

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When Will the New Season Be Out?

As of now, Netflix has released five seasons of this notoriously hit series into the world and has already confirmed the show to be renewed for the sixth season. Still, there is no official date confirmed for the official release. Not even from the currently famous Big Mouth voice actors themselves. 

Final Note

The single most powerful feature of the show is the singularity exuding from holding together this genre firmly and not letting it get swayed by the dislike it is gathering as a permanent company to the positive remarks. The Big Mouth voice actors are the ones carrying the show with their perfect dialogue delivery and on-point comedic timings.

 Do you find yourself laughing or shaking your head at the show? Let us know. 

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