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6 Jobs for Creative People That You’ve Never Considered

There are a great many people who are stuck and jobs that they truly dislike, which makes going to work every day a miserable experience. It doesn’t have to be this way. The secret to finding a job you love is to find one that highlights your creative abilities. 

Check out these six frequently overlooked jobs for creative people and you just might be very pleasantly surprised.

Tour Guide

Do you have an avid interest in local history, architecture, or natural attractions? If so, you could become a tour guide right where you live. If you live in or near a popular tourist location, then you are in a perfect position to develop your own unique style and become a popular tour guide. 

Once you’ve carved out a niche for yourself, advertising and word-of-mouth from satisfied tourists will bring in the business and the bucks. Some places require training and a license in order to become a certified tour guide but think of this as an investment in the job you love.

Foley Artist

Everyone who watches movies or television has enjoyed the work of foley artists, although they most likely have no idea of the title or what the artist does. A foley artist uses various objects to create sound effects for television shows and films. The job focuses on finding the right object or combination of objects and then utilizing them in a way that will create the most exact audio match possible to what is taking place on screen, such as a horse walking on cobblestones or an airplane falling from the sky. This is a job that calls for the use of imagination, a keen ear for precise sound matches, and a unique creative spark.


Do you love to take photos? Are you the person behind the camera at family gatherings, birthday parties, or fun nights out with your friends? If you have an eye for colors, designs, and interesting settings, then a career in photography may be perfect for you. Even if it’s just a fun hobby for you, with just a little effort you can become a professional photographer. There are people who pay very well for photos that capture their special moments in timeless, keepsake photos. It’s a treasured talent that can become your dream-come-true career.

Home Stager

If you have ever been in the market for a new home, then you may have seen the work of a home stager. Home staging refers to preparing a house for viewing by potential buyers. If you enjoy organizing your home and keeping it in clean, tidy condition so that it always looks presentable, then this could be the job for you. If you want to be a home stager, you should probably aim for a home staging certification, which is a way of letting potential employers know that you have the talent and the training to get the job done in a polished, professional manner. 

Your work will help buyers to see the house as a warm, inviting home that they can customize instead of just a bare, empty shell. Your personal flair for attention to detail will make this job enjoyable and profitable, and never boring.

Food Stylist

As a child were you ever told, “don’t play with your food”? Did you ever dream that you could have a lucrative career doing just that? Advertisers will pay big bucks to have someone create an appetizing food product for photos, commercials, menu images, and packaging. This type of job will require you to be a sculptor, painter, and engineer with an eye for fine details and exemplary motor skills. 

Patience and a steady hand are musts as well. You didn’t think those toppings got on that delicious-looking cheeseburger in the commercial in such perfect order by chance, did you? 

Whether you’re working with real food items or fake props, your creativity will be called on to make everything look tempting and tasty at this fun job.

Cake/Cookie Decorator

No matter what else is going on in the world, people will always want to celebrate special occasions with scrumptious, sugary treats. It goes without saying that the better it looks, the better it will taste. Whether you love to bake or you just love to do the fun part (the decorating), there will always be a demand for talented cookie and cake decorators. If you can make fun designs, pretty flowers, and other popular decorations using frosting, sprinkles, and various yummy edible treats, you can become a professional cake decorator and make a lot of money doing an interesting job that you love.


If you are a creative individual (and most people are, in one way or another), then there is a fun and fulfilling job out there just waiting for you. Don’t stay stuck in a rut, spinning your wheels at a job you don’t like. Start thinking and looking outside the box and find a career you never dreamed of. Doing something you love that feeds your creative spirit rather than just earning you a paycheck.