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Maksym Blazhkun

Maksym Blazhkun and his path to CBDO LocalTrade position

If you’ve always wondered what is the name of the man who can be described by the words success and zeal for the goal, the answer is simple – it’s Maksym Blazhkun. With his abilities in human and financial capital management, Maksym has been able to develop projects from the bottom up and most importantly has made sure that these projects are profitable in the future.

Maksym Blazhkun is currently one of the leading business process specialists whose work is in constant correlation with finance and IT. The analyst’s current experience is built on past failures and long-standing bumps in the road. In this connection, it will be possible to learn from our hero’s experience what should be done to achieve great achievements and to follow the right path.

Maksym Blazhkun – the way to success through mountains of obstacles

The city of Khmelnytskyi in Ukraine saw the future careerist on April 18, 1986. Maksym Viktorovych Blazhkun graduated from the school in 2003 with a badge of honor. The next 6 years, gave the spiritual Catholic seminary. In addition to his theological knowledge, Maksym was also educated in law and economics. All these years, reflected the development of the future expert, not only in knowledge, but also in personality, character and life principles. Maksym’s position was that a person without enormous knowledge in a particular field could not preach and give advice to other people about issues in the same segment. That is why Blazhkun tried to learn as much as possible. As a result, the young man’s qualifications grew, and he became a high-class specialist.

Already after his training, our hero was able to show his potential in several business programs, which were popular both within the Ukrainian territory, and in Europe, and the USA. Such a great success could not have come without the support of his wife Tetiana, who became a real helper and guide who led Maksym out of difficult situations, shrouded in failure and depression.

As the guy himself states, there were many failures and obstacles in his life experience, which slowed down the process of development, but difficult financial times for his family, forced Maksym not to give up and reach the finish line.

Blazhkun’s entourage has always supported him. His wife, children, and close friends were all there for Maksym along the way.

The financier has an opinion that there is no one path to success for everyone, which means that everyone will have their own challenges to face. Maksym’s main cry is that you should never give up, you have to push through and be strong in spirit until the end. It was this rule that helped Blazhkun become a successful businessman, a CEO-level manager and one of the most popular speakers, whose speeches gather full halls of people.

All this difficult stage of life led Maksym to where he is now, namely to the position of CBDO top manager at LocalTrade.

Maksym Blazhkun and his contribution to the cryptoindustry and the position earned through years of work

Looking at those interviews that Maksym gave to various journalists, it can be revealed that the guy did not set any restrictions in terms of business development for himself. Freedom of action and the maximum uniqueness of our hero, led him to projects from various fields:

·        Finance and exchanges;

·        Cryptocurrency sector;

·        Information technology;

·        Innovative technologies.

Blazhkun was involved in a lot of projects (startups) related to the cryptocurrency payment system. The main goal of the expert is to simplify the work with crypto as much as possible, withdrawal of cryptocurrency from a regular ATM and fast transactions for the transfer of crypto from one place in the world to another.

Of course, developing such sphere, cryptogenic himself believes in digital currency and is not afraid to work with it. Thus, Maksym started to cooperate with the LocalTrade crypto exchange, dealing with its strategic development and promotion to the masses.

Besides those projects that Maksym deals with in the IT sphere, his help also extends to the segments: sale-purchase of real estate, construction of objects, individual business, agriculture and business related to travel. The analyst offers different variations of investment directions considered both by a professional investor and a novice in the field of investments.

Such versatility of Maksym’s work has statistical and mathematical justification. As an experienced investor and financier, Blazhkun knows that it is impossible to work in one area or “keep your eggs in one basket only”. You should always consider something new, because if you work in one segment, you can lose all your assets in case of a sharp decline of the whole industry, while the probability of simultaneous decline of several industries tends to zero.

As practice shows, 1-2 projects out of 10 will show minimal or zero profitability, but there are still 8, which are willing to cover the losses of the first two projects. Payback period is always different: some may pay off 2-5 years, while others will pay off in a few months, everything is strictly individual.

According to Maxim’s advice, if the startup has not begun to pay for itself after a year and a half, then you should probably think about changing the vector of the project or its reorganization and closure. This is a very difficult decision, which Maksym has made many times, and the analyst himself was responsible for his decision.

He talked about this way of working himself, in one of his interviews. It is this strategy that allows Blazhkun to work effectively, regardless of the political situation in the country.

Maksym Blazhkun has been training and educating people about business, investments and cryptocurrency for the last few years. All the same, 10 years of experience as a manager and financier can be useful for both beginners and businessmen with experience. The guy often gives different lectures, participates in training seminars and cooperates with different educational forums, in the roles of a speaker or a coach. The expert’s experience is highly valued all over the world, as evidenced by the positive feedback from students in the United States, Europe and the CIS countries.

Maksym Blazhkun’s principles – what success is all about

Maksym’s opinion on effective company performance is that corporations should value their partners, employees and customers, not their profits. The financier’s idea is an adapted system of motivating employees, which acts on their performance, which in turn affects the final result of the company. For example, once upon a time one of the motivation factors was to transfer a small piece of stock to an ordinary employee, thereby making him part of the company. In addition, the stock price went up when the company showed good results, and the results are brought by the employees. In such a chain, every employee would be motivated to be as productive as possible.

The famous financier has no sense of stardom, in connection with this any student can get help from Maksym, as advice and counseling. According to Blazhkun’s partners it is clear that the guy always helps to find a way out of confusing issues and can always give his advice on a particular problem or project.

Our expert is of the opinion that a manager of the CEO level, should be inside the company, not on top of it and all employees, among others. In management, there are different situations of fear, anxiety and responsibility. But in any situation it is necessary to instill confidence in your employees and show that the problem is not unsolvable. In such situations, it will be useful to overcome your fears and worries.

Maksym Blazhkun thinks that if a person hides behind a mask, the truth will definitely triumph, thus disgracing the bearer of this mask. That’s why Maksym never promises his partners something which he himself would not be able to deliver.

Genius of business ideas and high professionalism of Maksym Blazhkun

A distinctive feature of Maksym’s character is his constant ability to generate new ideas and projects for different business segments. According to Blazhkun, only 10% of the expert’s initial thoughts are turned into reality. The analyst’s goal is not to make money, but to write his name in the books and in the history of mankind. Successful startups and implementation of projects are a confirmation that Maksym is moving in the right direction.

In this regard, Blazhkun shares his ideas and projects with other people on a regular basis. Thus, Maksym has spoken at various forums and events from Bodo Schaefer and Richard Brandson. In addition, the analyst is a regular guest at economic and financial forums, where he is ready to share his experience and answer questions that interest viewers. Blazhkun is able to communicate with different audiences thanks to his linguistic skills, which lie in the knowledge of 8 languages. This knowledge helps Maksym to easily convey information to any listener.

Maksym’s continuous work and development has borne fruit. The young man has repeatedly received personal awards. For example, in 2012, the analyst received the title of laureate of the state award for the development of the Ukrainian economy. Other specifics of the expert’s work (business processes) were highly appreciated in the United States and European countries.

Collaborating with foreign partners and opening projects in different parts of the world, made Blazhkun fly around the countries. Maksym has been to 118 countries around the world. These trips brought the expert not only new ideas for future projects, but also important connections with valuable knowledge.

2015 was a very successful year for our hero. Maksym Blazhkun Viktorovych let his book “My Spiral of Success” go to print, which quickly spread all over the world. A success story and valuable tips for doing business – this is what awaits the reader in Maksym’s book. Most likely, the financier-writer will not stop there, so in the near future you can expect other book projects.

Currently, Blazhkun is the man who is invited to the biggest forums devoted to crypto, investments and blockchain. Now Maksym has rushed into the cryptocurrency segment as a type of payment system. He wants to take crypto to a new level, with the help of decentralized blockchain technologies.

Maksym Blazhkun is a real investment and business professional. The main advantage of the analyst is that he knows what technologies in the future can close the issues of the current time. A large number of cryptocurrency ideas of the expert, became a ground for thinking of many investors who are ready to invest in projects right now.

Maksym’s path to the CBDO position at LocalTrade is shrouded in thorny paths and difficult obstacles. This is a true success story that should be a cautionary tale for aspiring businessmen to consider and use in their professional activities. Blazhkun proved that on the way to great heights one has to take risks and sometimes one cannot do without raising the stakes.