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Montero Accuses Moreno Of Inflating Budgets With A Game Like Puig’s

The Valencian Government chaired by the socialist Ximo Puig may face a serious problem from its own ranks, after the Minister of Finance, the also socialist María Jesús Montero, has discredited the Andalusian budget project for including a similar item to that provided by the Generalitat for a fund that is not included in the PGE .

Specifically, the minister has warned that the Budget project of the Junta de Andalucía for 2022 that the Governing Council approved this Wednesday “inflates the income forecasts” with some “1,000 million euros” derived from “an alleged fund Covid that does not exist in the draft “General State Budgets (PGE) next year.”

The socialist has made these criticisms in the Congress of Deputies, a few hours after another autonomous government in this case socialist and not the PP approved its project of regional accounts with a similar item for the same amount: 1,000 million euros of a supposed transitory fund to deal with under-financing and the fact that extraordinary funds from Covid are no longer received.

In the Valencian case, this fund that is supposed to be provided by the State has been baptized, although it does not appear in the PGE as a “transition fund towards the new normality.” Precisely the two regional presidents of different political signs, the popular Andalusian Juan Manuel Moreno and the Valencian socialist, Ximo Puig, already jointly demanded a few weeks ago an instrument of this type .

However, Montero took advantage of the parliamentary debate to accuse the Andalusian Executive of the PP of “inflating” the budgets while the socialist government of another autonomy defended that same instrument and included a similar item in its accounts despite not being contemplated.

“Ghost” games for years
In fact, year after year the Valencian left-wing government includes a “vindictive” item, which by 2022 again includes 1,336 million euros, in respect of the financing that it considers to be its responsibility but that is not included in the current system. In other words, it is not recognized by the State either. According to the arguments used by Montero, in the Valencian case the regional budgets would be inflated by more than 2,300 million.

According to the Valencian Minister of Finance, the socialist Vicent Soler, this fund or alternative formulas are being negotiated between the autonomies and the Ministry of Finance, although they are not included in the state budget project.

“If it is not included, other types of aid will be negotiated so that it comes in terms of the FLA,” said Soler when asked about the inclusion of an income item that is not yet closed. The Valencian minister pointed out that other autonomies were also considering this budget route, as in the case of the Andalusian case that has outraged Montero in parliament.