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Everything You Need To Know About The Hair MBA

The first master’s degree in Hairdressing Business & Artistry begins, 1st MBA diploma in hairdressing 100% DIGITAL, PREMIUM and GLOBAL aimed at recovering the illusion and pride of being a hairdresser. A Spanish project born with a global vocation.

Last weekend, IFEMA witnessed the launch of The Hair MBA , as if it were a university campus, where a sample of the level of the contents of the new master was made. A revolution that the sector has appreciated, celebrating that, finally, there is such a complete training, endorsed and with the participation of professors of the stature of Manuel Zamorano, celebrity hairdresser and collaborator on television, María Roberts, stylist and businesswoman, among others.

These three days have served as a sample of the knowledge and inspiration that students can continue to receive in a 100% digital and flexible way on the platform . An unprecedented all-in-one master’s degree that combines business and artistic knowledge in one space.

But what else does this pioneering project in the world of hairdressing hide? Next, we answer all the doubts:

What does The Hair MBA offer?
The Hair MBA offers access to an international community of highly trained hairdressers, an interconnected network to continue growing together.

Organized in two modules that the student will have the option of doing jointly or separately:

  • The Hair Master in Business: Aimed at those who want to start and open their own hairdressing salon.
  • The Hair Master in Artistry: This part is more focused on the artistic, where the student will learn exclusive methods in cutting and styling, taught by some of the best professionals in the world.

What sets The Hair MBA apart from the other courses?

  • The Hair MBA is a master’s degree that covers both the Business part, business management, and Artistry, more technical hairdressing.

That is, it gathers all the knowledge you need to grow as an entrepreneur hairdresser and also as an artist hairdresser.

  • On the other hand, it is the only one that offers a certified diploma through blockchain that guarantees that the student has successfully met all the objectives set in the MBA program.
  • In addition, it is a master created by and for hairdressers with a plan designed by more than 50 international experts and 100% guided that allows the student to be part of a global community.

What advantages does The Hair MBA offer?

  • It is a master that offers a unique, easy and fun formula, and is 100% digital, the only all-in-one. You can do it from anywhere in the world and organize yourself however you want to complete the course.
  • It is made up of more than 200 classes, webinars and self-produced masterclasses, and offers ultra-updated content for the student to master the technique and have knowledge in business management.
  • Classes last 20 minutes a day, and can be viewed on any device. How to watch a series on Netflix!
  • It is accessible to everyone, since these contents can be accessed for € 598, also having the opportunity to pay for it through financing.

Who is it for?

  • To owners of a salon, nonconformist hairdressers wanting to continue learning, young entrepreneurs who want to know more about this sector?