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Relationship With Colleagues Worries 7 Out Of 10 Spaniards

The pandemic changed the world of work forever , and also, it is possible that the relationships that previously existed between colleagues. At least, this is reflected in a recent one prepared by Linkedin with workers from Spain.

A few months after the two years have passed since the pandemic and social distancing began, there are many doubts and concerns that are emerging among professionals to face a familiar and new routine in equal parts when that return occurs and begins to leave behind (or perhaps not) the common telework in this time.

The results of the Linkedin Future of Work survey, carried out among more than a thousand Spanish workers, highlight the concerns of professionals regarding upcoming interactions and relationships between colleagues.

So much so that 65% of workers recognize that they will feel very or quite little used to life in the office, being aware, in addition, that for 7 out of 10 social distancing has had a negative impact on the relationship with the rest of the colleagues , despite the communication facilities that digitization provides.

Relationships in the office with colleagues, to the test
As a result of all this time where remote work has been common in many sectors , in one way or another routines, work habits and relationships have changed. Spending the day with other people (31%) and socializing in the workplace (37%) , chatting with colleagues (27%), wearing the right clothing (26%), or presenting in person (25%) top the list. list of situations that concern professionals, and with which they will have to become familiar again.

On the other hand, the data from the latest survey conducted by Linkedin also shows that those gestures that went unnoticed in the pre-pandemic era, such as shaking hands or giving a hug, are not going to be comfortable for 4 out of 10 workers interviewed.

In addition, aware that it is an individual decision to have agreed to the vaccination against COVID-19 and that, according to the WHO, the only health requirement for presence is to notify in case of contagion or contact of a positive, 71% of Employees will try to check with their superiors and colleagues if they have received the full guideline for added security.