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Do solar panels work only during summers? How to maintain them in the snow? 

The rooftop solar panel is a money saver throughout the year for most individuals, especially in circumstances of the rising energy bill. The cold temperature helps solar panels perform efficiently and convert sunlight into electricity. It is perfectly typical for the solar panel to produce less amount of energy in the winter month, one reason that is less amount of sunlight. Cloudy days, shorter days, and flow and ice cover limit the sunlight for the solar panel to turn into electricity. While you cannot do anything to lengthen the days, there are some suggestions you may follow to squeeze the maximum amount of energy from solar panels. Pair solar panels with an energy-efficient pump that will help you save money while heating the house.

  • Adjust the panel angle

The angle of a solar panel plays a vital role in converting energy into electricity. The same is the case with winter months. Consequently, try to adjust the solar panel angle to make the most during winter days. Most individuals may be unable to do these things because it requires professional training and expertise. Whether it is adjusting the panel angle or making any improvisation, you need the help of trained individuals of EcoGen America – a reputable solar contractor who knows how to work on the steeper angle and fix other related issues.

  • Reduce energy usage

Solar panels may capture sunlight and produce energy for the house during winter. But since there is less daylight, you may expect the solar panel to have less energy than it will during summer. Consequently, you must reduce energy usage or prepare for higher electricity bills. The good news is that there are countless processes to limit energy usage. It includes switching off the lights and fans when you leave the room, turning off the appliances when they are not in use, and unplugging small appliances after use. You must also turn down the thermostat and the insulation because these consume the maximum energy.

  • Battery insulation

You must take special care of the solar batteries in the winter months to ensure that they operate appropriately. It is fundamental to keep the batteries at an appropriate temperature. Batteries cannot work in low temperatures, which some areas experience. As a result, you must store the batteries indoors and ensure that these are well insulated. If you feel you cannot take up so much responsibility, you may grab the assistance of professionals. They know how to protect the batteries, deal with the angular position, and do other related activities.

It is always better to work with reputed agencies to complete all this work. You must invest your money in high-quality solar panels to provide long-term satisfaction. If you cannot rely on your DIY skills, it is always better to grab the help of professionals who know how to install these panels and maintain them long-term.