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Teltronic Is Committed To The Assembly And Manufacture Of Electronic Equipment

The company has created a new business area dedicated to the assembly and manufacture of electronic systems with which it enters the electronic outsourcing sector.

The new area, Teltronic EMS (Electornic Manufacturing Services) is launched after 45 years of experience of the company in the design and development of radio communications solutions.

“We have spent more than four decades designing, manufacturing and assembling radio equipment, both our own products and for other companies in the world of critical communications, and Teltronic EMS is based on that extensive experience of working with electronic components, with which we intend to give a new high value-added service to our current client portfolio and looking for new business opportunities in other sectors “, explains Teltronic’s Director of Operations, Jos√© Luis Val.

Teltronic EMS has 4,000 square meters dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of electronic equipment in its current facilities. In addition, the production area has a human team of more than 100 people of different professional profiles to offer comprehensive solutions, ranging from the design and conceptualization of prototypes to manufacturing and the final verification process.

Thanks to the Production Engineering team, the company offers services that include industrial design, circuit design and test software development. In addition, Teltronic EMS has the most modern equipment and applies the most advanced manufacturing technologies, which gives it the capacity to annually assemble more than 150 million components on its SMD assembly lines, while offering the flexibility to respond to any volume of orders.

Teltronic, thanks to its export history and more than 500 projects in more than 60 countries, has a supply chain management system focused on reducing costs and delivery times. This allows, in turn, to attend to orders that arrive from anywhere in the world.

All this makes it possible for Teltronic EMS to respond and produce electronic devices for sectors as diverse as the automotive industry, household appliances, audio and lighting, renewable energy or healthcare technology.

“We come from the world of critical communications, where there is no possibility of failure and the highest levels of demand are required, so our components and products meet the highest quality standards and their reliability is guaranteed,” says Val.

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