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WhatsApp For iPhone Now Allows You To Connect Other Devices

The latest update to the WhatsApp app for iPhone finally adds multi-device support, allowing us to connect our Mac, PC or tablet.

This is one of the great novelties of 2021 for WhatsApp , to the point that it has had to completely change its platform in order to implement it. Originally, WhatsApp was a service that replaced SMS and therefore required the use of a phone number to create an account, which is always associated with the mobile.

That decision has limited WhatsApp ever since; For example, it is the reason why we cannot use WhatsApp Web with the phone turned off, since in reality, it is the mobile app that obtains the messages and sends them to the web app.

That has ended with the multi- device support in WhatsApp , which implements end-to-end encryption directly between all of our devices and the user we are talking to.

That means, for example, that we can use WhatsApp on the computer without having to have the mobile connected, and we can have up to 4 more devices at the same time without having to disconnect from one to connect to the other.

This novelty came first to the Android version, but iPhone users are already receiving it in the latest update of the app. All we have to do is enter the App Store and update WhatsApp if the update has not yet been downloaded; specifically, we want to be on version 2.21.180.

Once we open the app, we must enter Settings and “Linked Devices”, and below we will find a new option to enter the beta version of this function. If we click, we will have to accept that we may run into some problems; For example, users who have not updated WhatsApp to the latest version will not be able to see our messages, so it is something to keep in mind.

If we accept, we will also lose all connections with our devices, and we will have to make them again. Once inside, the system works the same as always, we only have to scan the QR code in WhatsApp Web or the desktop app to associate our account.

From then on, we can use WhatsApp on the computer, Mac or tablet with WhatsApp Web without having to have the mobile on or connected.

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