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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Technology Advisor

If you are like most entrepreneurs, your technology expertise might be limited to sending emails, surfing the web, and browsing social media. If you feel like your lack of knowledge in technology is preventing you from running a successful business or if you do not have time to learn, then get an advisor. Here are five reasons you should consider having them on your radar.

Enhancing Data Security

Just a few years ago, hackers practically owned the internet. They discovered and exploited outdated security holes in every website to steal sensitive data and install malware. Fortunately, everything is changing with the advent of new computer languages designed to detect and prevent errors. However, there are more complex web applications, and as an entrepreneur, you need to know how they work to secure your data. In addition, as an entrepreneur, you probably have a handle on the basics of computer security, such as keeping your antivirus software updated, using strong passwords, and not downloading random files. But when it comes to the details of your business’s cyber defense, you might not be conversant with it. Therefore, having a technology advisor can help monitor access to sensitive data, research ways to secure data stored in the cloud, and even help with compliance and corporate governance issues.

Upgrading Your Office Technology

You might have kept your outdated computers and software out of fear that you cannot be able to replicate your current set-up. Thus, an advisor can help you understand how outdated hardware and software impact your staff’s productivity. Remember that your business needs to keep up with technology trends to ensure its growth. The advisor can provide insights that will help you evaluate how efficiently your business utilizes different hardware, software, and business applications to improve or eliminate redundancies. They can also provide recommendations for new technology that will fit your budget and timeline, such as comparing desktop computers vs. laptop computers or multiple similar software options.

Streamlining Your Operations

When you bought your computer or smartphone, you probably did not realize how much work it would take to ensure it kept running. The same goes for the software that runs your business. Every time a new technology comes out, it takes time and money to install and familiarize yourself with it. An advisor will help you evaluate the core business applications used by staff and consultants and suggest software best suited to your needs at a cost appropriate for your budget. In addition, an advisor can help you understand all the features of your technology purchases or how to utilize them. For example, suppose you purchase caller ID software for your employees’ phones but are unfamiliar with setting up the system and using it effectively. In that case, you could be missing out on a vital piece of your marketing puzzle. Your advisor can help you identify and implement these technologies.

Saving Costs

Although technology is an essential business tool, it can sometimes be the biggest drain on your resources. For example, most entrepreneurs do not have a handle on the levels of software piracy in their own companies. Your advisor will help you implement solutions that not only protect your hardware and software from piracy but also help improve productivity. Likewise, if you are paying for more storage than your employees need or using more bandwidth than you need, you could be wasting money without even realizing it.

Improving Customer Service

Technology can help you improve customer service without spending additional staff hours. Your advisor will help you identify and implement new solutions to integrate with your existing customer service software to improve your customers’ experience. Since it is also important to have a good working relationship with clients, an advisor can help you from day one by educating your staff on the technology requirements that need to be met to effectively manage client expectations.

Generally, your goal as an entrepreneur is to achieve success and to self-fund your business. Although technology can help you do either, you must get the right guidance at the right time to avoid wasting time and money. So if you are looking for a technology professional with experience in your industry, get your business an advisor of technology today.