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Debts With Which Treasury Can Put You On Its List Of Defaulters

Every year the pages of the newspapers collect which famous people appear on the list of defaulters of the Tax Agency. However, apart from these large assets, it is possible to include many other people who move in smaller amounts of debt.

The General Tax Law published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) establishes in its article 95 bis that “the Tax Administration will agree to periodically publish comprehensive lists of debtors to the Public Treasury “, even when they are debtors due to their condition of joint and several liable .

The Treasury will include these people as long as their pending payment debts (penalties included) exceed 600,000 euros , the voluntary payment period has been exhausted and leaving the deferred or suspended debts out of the total amount.

The Tax Agency takes the existing debt as of December 31 as a reference and, if the data has been reviewed, a person will be part of the list of defaulters, the Treasury gives them one last chance: they have 10 days to pay the debt or present allegations for possible material, fact or arithmetic errors. If the debt is paid or the error is found to exist, it will not appear on the list.

If finally the person in question, either does not appeal or does so without success or does not pay the debt, it will appear on the list of debtors of the Treasury. He will do so, in accordance with the provisions of the General Tax Law, showing his name and surname, in addition to the DNI and the amount of the debt that he owes to the Tax Agency.

The list, however, has a concrete visibility: the Treasury calls for the necessary measures to be taken so that within three months of publication, “the indexing of its content through Internet search engines” is prevented. listings are no longer accessible.

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