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73% Of Parents Value Environmental Education At School When Choosing A Center

73% of parents value environmental education at school when choosing a center, according to a study. Naturaliza offers teacher training and a resource library.

Almost 73% of the Spanish parents surveyed consider it “key” that schools provide environmental education when choosing a center for their children, according to the study ‘Environmental education in the family environment’ carried out by More Than Research for Naturaliza, the Ecoembes project.

The study also shows that learning in environmental values ​​contributes to the improvement of teaching and general educational training of children, according to 64% of the parents asked about it. In addition, 6 out of 10 affirm that the learning of subjects related to the environment “arouses curiosity” and motivation in their sons and daughters.

In this sense, with the aim of promoting that the environment is part of the day-to-day life in the classrooms of the students, Naturaliza offers training to teachers and a library of resources (more than 2,000) for those who want to teach with “an environmental perspective. “.

These educational tools are consolidated as a way to respond to the demand of 75% of the families surveyed who, as the study shows, consider it relevant that environmental issues are part of their children’s agenda.

In turn, teachers who wish to be part of the Naturaliza network in the next school year and join the nearly 1,400 who already bring the environment to their classrooms on a daily basis, can sign up for free through the project website.

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