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EU Measure That Could Help Reduce Cost Of Electricity In Midst Of Rising Prices

Throughout 2021, the different most common electronic devices in any home are changing their appearance throughout the European Union to adapt to environmental protection measures. Washing machines, tires or televisions have already done it in a shift that this September 1 reaches the lighting sources. With lamps and bulbs as pillars, the way of knowing their efficiency when making a purchase changes forever, with the respective savings that it will mean for millions of Spaniards.

The classic ‘ A ++ ‘ that was seen in many electrical appliances continues to say goodbye for its terrible characteristics and the problems that it had generated for manufacturers and users. Indicator of when a product is as efficient as possible, this labeling had become outdated due to the innovations that arise every year in technological matters.

For this reason, throughout this 2021, the EU is introducing the new stickers that stop going from that ‘A ++’ to the ‘D’, to give rise to a classification that goes from the ‘A’ (the one destined to the more energy efficient speaking) to the ‘G’ (the least). This time introducing lamps and bulbs, this change simplifies the categories and will serve to help consumers choose more efficient products.

Thus, as has already happened with televisions, refrigerators or washing machines, for the moment there will be no label that reflects category ‘A’ since it is reserved for future technologies. In the same way, there will be very few ‘B’s, with the’ D ‘sticker being the most common.

The Label 2020 project seeks to reduce the cost of energy
A modification framed in the EU Label 2020 project that aims to achieve greater energy savings, as it encourages manufacturers and consumers to look for the best products with the best performance. In addition, this measure comes in Spain in the midst of a wave of rising electricity prices so it will be of vital help to reduce consumption and cost in Spanish homes.

As stated by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), the savings will be significant since about 12% of the electricity consumption of a home is dedicated to lighting. Thus, with this change , the purchase of LED bulbs is promoted, which although they are more expensive at first, reduce the cost in the long term and can last up to 20 years.

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