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Margarita del Val Predicts That It Will Be Impossible To End Coronavirus

In the middle of the race to increase the rate of vaccination and reach the desired 90% that would guarantee stability within the situation of a pandemic, one of the most recognized voices these months has spoken about the current situation of covid-19. The virologist of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), Margarita del Val, has influenced what many experts have been saying for a year and a half, the coronavirus “has come to stay.”

It will be impossible to end the covid-19 in the same way that it appeared in our lives. In an RNE program , the virologist wanted to make her mark on current affairs related to the pandemic clear in a clear message of pessimism, but with optimistic overtones .

And it is that while Del Val considers that the virus will never disappear, he has compared it with other types of viruses, bacteria, fungi and a long list of infectious agents with which humanity has lived for years. There the key to the fight against the coronavirus, because defeating it will not make it disappear , but rather that it becomes “one more”.

“The only difference is that all the rest of us have encountered them since childhood, and we have an immune response from memory. However, this is going on when we are older, and it is catching us with the most crushed body and with a total absence of response immunitaria “, has remarked the participant in the CSIC.

The key is not in the antibodies but in the immune memory
To do this, Del Val considers key that there will be a third, fourth or continuous dose of the vaccine , as needed. “Every time we infect those vaccinated, it will strengthen our immune system, causing mild symptoms or no symptoms, ” he remarked, emphasizing that the key is to have “immune memory”, even if the antibodies drop.

All predictions that are added to those already exposed in recent months and that confirm that the latest steps taken by science are positive in the fight against covid-19. The one that will be impossible to make disappear, but that will have lost the battle when it is one more virus of all those that surround the 21st century.

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