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Alegría Appeals To Reach Consensus On The New VET Law

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, highlighted this Friday in Navarra that the collaboration of “all the agents and entities involved” is necessary to have a Vocational Training law “that offers opportunities for the future.”

“We already have a preliminary draft that we hope that we will soon be able to transfer to Congress, we have an opportunity for the country to have a new law updated to the 21st century and I hope that this consensus that we have found in social and economic agents will continue in the parliamentary debate with the forces policies, “he said during the visit to the Gurpea facilities in Barbatáin (Navarra).

The minister went to the facilities of the Gurpea company together with the regional president, María Chivite, to learn first-hand about its Dual FP programs and lifelong training.

“Vocational Training is today a door to employment especially for young people, who deserve this opportunity for a decent and well-paid job, but also for workers, employees and the unemployed,” stressed the minister.

Education recalls that, to the plans that it has been developing to encourage vocational training, we must add the preliminary draft law on vocational training , which was presented in the first reading in the Council of Ministers on June 15 and which establishes “a new, more flexible system, accessible, at the service of the citizenry and that will offer security and opportunities to students, employed and unemployed workers and companies “.

Likewise, the Ministry emphasizes that it continues to work with the regional and local administrations through the different territorial cooperation programs, which have so far distributed almost 1,500 million euros to the autonomous communities in 2021 .

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