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Social Security Has Not Given An Appointment For Retirement

“The citizen can not be when trying to request a prior appointment in the state agencies as someone who seeks a prize under the lid of a soft drink, finding most of the times the acquaintance continues looking”, explains the president of the Council of Administrative Managers of Spain and from the Colegio de Madrid, Fernando Santiago , when denouncing the situation that citizens experience in their relationship with organizations such as Social Security, Employment or the Ministry of Justice.

According to data from the Public Management Observatory of the Madrid Administrative Management Association, when the citizen requests an appointment to process retirement or widowhood after making several attempts, they will access, through their computer, a screen with the message: “Sorry, there is no availability in the next few days for the requested service.

If you wish, you can try your search again by going back to the previous screen and choosing another location.” The group denounces this situation since the beginning of the pandemic. The SS attends to requests for processing via email. Face-to-face care without an appointment is ruled out.

The same happens with unemployment or the health card, in their respective agencies.

A monthly review
This observatory carries out a monthly review of the operation of the previous appointment in a series of organizations of both the State Administration and the Community of Madrid.

Thus, it is explained in this report that if what is being processed with this body is the Minimum Vital Income, after the first attempt, the screen displays the message: “Carry out your procedures through the electronic Headquarters and the electronic Registry” .

In the same line is the attention to the citizen in the Ministry of Justice . If you want to obtain nationality, after an attempt the system asks you to choose a date to show the available times. However, there are no dates available. In Immigration, if the long-term residence and work permit is requested, or asylum (request for international protection) or residence or study stay is requested, after several attempts, the screen indicates that: “There are not enough appointments available Shortly, the Office will make new appointments available to you. “

Incidence in the previous appointments of the Social Security.
However, if what is intended is to legalize a document, in Justice, after an attempt the computer gives an appointment within four days. And if a request for cadastral ownership is processed in the Cadastre, after an attempt an appointment is obtained within seven days.

With regard to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) , the problems for the citizen to request an appointment to change the ownership of the vehicle, obtain a duplicate of the driving license or to obtain the international driving license, the problems are the The same ones that the administrative managers denounce.

However, in this case, Fernando Santiago points out, “due to the different agreements that the administrative managers have formalized with the agency, the citizen can obtain any of these documents immediately through a gA agency .”

On the other side of the scale, it is at the service provided by the National Police to obtain or renew the DNI or passport.

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