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Complete Guide To Buy Perfect Looking Motorcycle for Diverse Riding Experience

Have you decided to buy a new motorcycle for meeting different travel experiences? But come across various sets of motorcycle options at the front and find it difficult to decide which bike to buy for a personal riding experience. If yes, then you have come to the right place. It’s a comprehensive ride for all the existing and want-to-be riders when looking to buy a perfect bike-looking two-wheeler of their choice.

Different types of motorcycles you can consider buy

Not one but there is a distinctive range of motorcycles that you can look forward to buying to meet your diverse riding requirements. With a wide range of choices, you can select and buy online bikes at an affordable price. And that too after looking at each bike’s type pros and cons.

  • Sports bike
  • Commuter bike
  • Scooter
  • Streetfighter
  • Sport-Tourer

Before selecting a particular type of motorcycle to buy, you must look into the relevant detail of each option.


For those looking forward to attaining better acceleration, long-riding performance, and a stylish outlook, nothing can beat the convenience of a sports bike. As the name itself implies, a sports motorcycle is not just meant for professional racing purposes. Several two-wheeler manufacturing brands offer daily riding-specific sports bikes with aerodynamics physical presence. Such motorcycles offer you the high-end performance to ride on vacant roads, technically advanced features, sensors, turn-by-turn navigation, only self-start, and lightweight handling.

Pros & cons of buying a sports bike


  • A great deal of power, highly adjustable suspension, and a comfortable riding experience.
  • Better acceleration advantage.
  • Eye-appealing outlook and sporty color options.
  • Thrilling riding pleasure towards long distances.


  • Not much comfortable for commuter riding experience.
  • Require experienced riding approach.

Commuter Motorcycle

One of the highly-acquired motorcycles that you will see on the road is the entry-level commuter motorcycle. Specifically meant for daily riders looking to save their travel time and budget to reach the office and other areas. Commuter bikes are meant to save you money, allow you to spend less money on maintenance, and ensure a long-lasting riding experience.

In the marketplace, several brands offer high-performance and mileage-oriented commuter bikes under engine capacities of 100CC, 110CC, and 125CC. Preferably, the Hero Motocorp brand offers the best commuter bike options along with the added benefit to buy affordable online bike accessories without any hassle.

Pros & cons of buying a commuter motorcycle


  • Affordable motorcycle option.
  • Competent performance for long-lasting years.
  • Smart features and average-looking outlook.
  • Cost-effective spare parts and accessories to buy


  • Not everyone’s choice of bike looking for an off-road riding experience.
  • Difficult to expect high-speed acceleration on the road.

Scooter to buy

One of the simplest options to buy is the scooter which is meant to cover daily commutation distance and even carry the required load to your workplace. Those looking forward to riding a gearless two-wheeler can certainly look forward to buying a scooter. At present, several brands offer technically efficient and feature-rich scooters in different engine capacities like 100CC, 110CC, 125CC, and 150CC.

Pros & cons of buying a scooter


  • Stylish, technically efficient, and easy-to-ride two-wheeler.
  • Efficient to carry the load as per the weight guidelines.
  • Mileage-efficient two-wheeler to save on travel budget.


  • Not a complete motorcycle with no gear and clutch.
  • Not suitable for the long-riding experience.
  • Does not look good on tall riders.


A streetfight motorcycle is something that is bold in outlook. Its sporty presence features LED lights, a technically-enabled console, dirt bike-like handlebars, compact exhaust with incredible sound, wide tires, both disk brakes, and the list goes on. Overall, a streetfighter-like motorcycle is your ideal riding partner to display power, strength, style statement, and a unique image to the eyes of onlookers. Such a motorcycle runs fast in just a few seconds of pulling the accelerator, maintains proper balance on tough roads, and is sure to offer you long-lasting riding pleasure.

Pros & cons of buying a Streetfighter motorcycle


  • Experience more riding comfort compared to a commuter motorcycle.
  • Comparatively less cost than a sports bike.
  • Easy to customize with preferred choice of accessories.


  • Required a great deal of balance to ride this bike.
  • High in cost as compared to an entry-level motorcycle.


Are you looking for a combination of a sports bike along with having decent engine capacity for daily riding too and off-road biking benefit? If yes, then go for a sport-tourer motorcycle like Hero Xpulse 200 4V to meet your adrenaline-pumping riding requirement, seamless commutation riding, and sometimes off-beat to within the minimum budget.

A sports tourer motorcycle is a high-ground clearance ride with robust suspensions, an adjustable handlebar, a digital console, geo-controls, LED lights, and other modern-day functionalities. Mostly available in spoked wheel pattern to easily withstand the rough patches of road across a diverse set of surroundings.

Pros & cons of riding a sport-tourer bike


  • Highly comfortable and highly superior motorcycle.
  • Easy to gear weight for long riding.
  • Different models to choose from.


  • Quite an expensive ride in comparison with an entry-level ride.
  • Heavy and a good deal of height.

Which brand of bike is best in India?

In India, numerous two-wheeler manufacturing brands are available to offer their different scooters and motorcycle variants for riders of all categories. Everyone has their own preference as to which brand of ride to choose from.

As per the recommendation, Hero Motocorp is the only brand available in India that offers all types of motorcycles and scooters mentioned above. Undoubtedly, the brand has created quite a dominance for several years due to reliable two-wheelers, easy-to-maintain capacity, and affordable options. Simply consider this brand of trusted and efficient motorcycles to meet your daily commutation, off-roading, and adventure riding requirement with ease.

Concluding Thoughts

More than just buying a motorcycle, it is important to maintain the functionality of a bike with regular service, cleaning, and change of parts. In the case of buying a Hero Motocorp motorcycle, experience the convenience of buying affordable Hero genuine parts online along with accessories. All you have to do is drop at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform to buy accessories, spare parts, and even motorcycles online