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Escape Rooms for Corporate Team-Building

If you are looking for a fun and modern team-building activity for your company, try escape rooms. Playing an escape game with your peers can boost communication, problem-solving skills, project management, and dealing with complex challenges. This has a long-lasting impact on the quality of their work and can even influence the workplace environment.
In this article, we collected all the reasons why escape rooms are the best activities for corporate team-building.

Timed, and high-pressure environment: escape rooms for team-buildings

Escape rooms are well-known for their timed and high-pressure environments, in which teams must collaborate to solve puzzles and escape before time runs out. This environment is comparable to real-life work situations in which employees may face tight deadlines, high stakes, and challenging obstacles.

Team members must work together and communicate effectively to solve the puzzles and escape the room. This type of collaboration is also necessary for many workplace situations where team members must collaborate to complete a project or achieve a common goal.

An escape room’s timed and high-pressure environment can also simulate the stress that employees may experience in real-life work situations. This stress frequently affects how team members react and collaborate and their overall productivity and performance.

Team members can learn how to handle stress and work more effectively under pressure by participating in an escape room experience. They can also identify their team member’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to communicate more effectively in high-pressure situations.

Furthermore, the high-pressure environment of an escape room can assist teams in identifying areas for improvement. For example, suppose team members need help communicating or problem-solving during an escape room experience. In that case, they also need to work on these skills in real-life situations.

Best tools and methods for success

To win at escape rooms, you must think outside the box and actively help your team. Here are the best tools and methods to come out victorious. 

Clear and on-point communication

To successfully solve escape rooms, the team has to have good communication with each other. In escape rooms, every clue and piece of information counts. So you have to listen to your peers and add your two cents when it’s fitting. Remember that time is of the essence, so the better the communication, the easier you can escape.

Shared problem-solving

There is no “i” in team, so you have to work to solve all the problems together. In every group, people have different backgrounds and skill sets, and you have to make the best use of this. For example, you may discover that a previously shyer colleague is the best problem solver you have ever known. Problem-solving is a skill that develops over time, and escape rooms are a great way to discover your abilities.


Al escape rooms work with a time limit, so you have to organize and divide tasks in the best possible way. Just like during work hours, you must prioritize, analyze and effectively execute the tasks to get good results. Participating in an escape game is a great way to improve the time-management skills you can apply at your job.

Don’t overlook the apparent clues

You have to pay attention to every little detail regarding escape rooms. Even the slightest sound or object can have a significant meaning. This teaches the players that the devil is in the details, and they should always double-check the work that they are doing to avoid any mistakes.

How to choose the most suitable theme for everyone?

Escape rooms are a cool way to get the team out of the office, but you must choose the right one. 

Interests and preferences of your team

The theme should be chosen carefully for the whole team to immerse in the escape room games fully. Most importantly, you have to take into consideration what they like. You can talk to them or even send out a poll, but if you already know that they are fans of zombie horror movies, you can go straight for the apocalyptic theme.

Difficulty level

If this is your first time visiting any escape rooms, you should opt for a more manageable difficulty level. This is our advice in the case of a newly formed team, as this will concentrate on getting to know each other and having fun rather than solving challenging puzzles in a stressful environment. After you get a little routine, you can also try more complex levels. If you are still determining which level suits your team best, you can always look on the website or call the escape room you chose to get assistance.

Sensitivities, or phobias

If horror movies freak out someone in your team, then you probably should avoid booking an insane asylum room, as it can get scary for them. On the other hand, if someone is generally scared in locked spaces, it is better to talk to them if they feel comfortable in escape rooms. Of course, if the experience gets too overwhelming, they can exit the room at any moment, but this would also ruin the flow experience for the other team members.

Group size

Some escape rooms are meant for bigger, and some for smaller groups, so you should double-check through the website or a phone call which one is the best for the size of your team.

Why should you try to escape rooms with your team? 

Escape rooms are a fun way to hang out with your team while actively improving their skills. Enjoying an escape game with interesting thematic at American Escape Rooms helps your team to work and solve problems together more effectively while having a pleasant experience.