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Double the Fun: A Complete Guide to Tandem Prams for Growing Families

Choosing the ideal stroller can be challenging for parents. A tandem stroller may be the ideal option for your family if you have twins or two young children that are close in age. A tandem stroller is made to fit two kids, one behind the other, making it simpler to manoeuvre through confined spaces and small openings. We’ll go over everything you need to know about tandem strollers in our comprehensive guide so you can pick the right one for your expanding family.

A Tandem Pram is what?

A style of stroller with one seat in front of the other is called a tandem stroller. The pram may be made narrower thanks to this design, which makes it simpler to move in small areas. Tandem strollers are appropriate for parents with two children of various ages and are available in a variety of configurations to meet various demands.

Tandem Pram Types

Inline and stadium seating are the two primary categories of tandem strollers. Whereas stadium seating prams have the back seat elevated above the front seat, inline prams have one seat behind the other. Prior to purchasing a tandem pram, it is crucial to think about your family’s needs as both types of tandem prams offer benefits and drawbacks.

Tandem Infant Car Seats

Inline tandem strollers are more manoeuvrable in crowded areas since they are narrower than stadium seating strollers. Also, they frequently have a smaller footprint, which is perfect for parents who don’t have a lot of storage. However, inline strollers may weigh more than strollers with stadium seats, and getting into the back seat may be more difficult.

Tandem Prams for Stadium Seating

Tandem strollers with stadium seating have the back seat elevated so that it is visible to both children. The back seat may be easier to access thanks to this design, and the weight is more uniformly distributed throughout the pram, making it easier to push. Stadium seating strollers, however, can be bigger than inline strollers, making it harder for them to fit through tight openings and congested areas.

Factors to Think About

There are a number of things to take into account while selecting a tandem stroller to be sure it will suit your family’s needs:

Age of Children: Take your kids’ ages and weights into account. While some tandem strollers are appropriate for newborns and toddlers, others are made for preschoolers and older toddlers.

Weight and Size: Take into account the pram’s weight and size. Can you lift it into and out of your vehicle? Will it fit in your storage area or trunk?

Comfort: Search for a stroller with supportive seats, excellent suspension, and movable footrests.

Evaluate the agility of the pram, particularly if you live in a city or must travel through congested areas and tiny doorways.

Storage: Look for a stroller with several of pockets or large baskets for storage.

Safety: Verify that the pram complies with all applicable safety regulations and has elements like a five-point harness, adjustable brakes, and a robust frame.

Prime tandem crates

Some of the best tandem strollers available are listed below:

Baby Jogger City Select: This inline stroller comes in 16 various configurations and is appropriate for both infants and toddlers.

The modular nature of the Phil & Teds Voyager inline stroller enables it to expand along with your family. It may be transformed into a double or triple pram and is appropriate for babies and toddlers.