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How To Modernise Your Office and Make It More Welcoming


If you think the mood in your office is a little down, it might be time for a change. We don’t mean switching up your team leaders or staff. What we mean is for you to add a little bit of life to your office. 

The office space is where your employees spend most of their week. Therefore, it needs to be welcoming and make them want to be there. You don’t want it to be a dull and bleak office where some of them are shut off from others. 

An office refurbishment is a great way to mix things up, without having to change things too drastically. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective way to bring a smile to people’s faces. Offices do not need to be boring anymore and if your office is one of those dull and beige offices that feels like it hasn’t been redesigned in the last ten years, it is probably time for a change. 

There are thousands of offices around the world that have modernised their office to give it a good feel-good factor. Now, you are the next company to make that change and make your employees feel much happier with the work environment. Let’s look at how you can redesign your office and give it that modern feel it deserves. 

Make It More Open

An issue that many old-school offices have is they are shut off from the other employees. They will usually have an office partition wall system, therefore you cannot see the other employees. If that is the case with your office, it is time to remove those walls from there. 

Before you start knocking down partition walls, speak with your employees. Some of them might like the idea of having their own little space where they can shut off from the rest of the office and focus on the task at hand. If that is the case, we advise you to put up some glass partition walls instead. That way, everybody can see one another but they also have that feeling of having their own space as well. 

Add More Light To Your Office Space

Another great way to make your office feel more comfortable to work in is by adding lighting to the room. If you have window blinds in your office currently and it blocks some of the light, take them down to allow more light through.

Something else we advise with your office space is to change the light bulbs. Try to have warm yellow lights instead of bright white lights. The usual white lights you see in offices can be too bright and therefore give people headaches. The last thing you want is for your employees to have a headache as it will make them moody. 

Break-Out Spaces Are The Way Forward

Something which many modern offices have is a breakout space. A breakout space is an area for your employees where they can unwind and have a break from those bright computer screens. This can also be a place for them to eat their lunch, so they are not eating at their desk. It’s these minor additions to your office that make a difference to your employees. 

Branding Is Key For Your Office

Branding is essential for your business, especially when it is in the office. We advise you to get as much branding as possible as this is common for a modern office. Furthermore, it adds a visual appeal to your office for your employees and any clients that may be coming to your office for a meeting. Again, it is these little changes that make people feel welcomed in their workspace.

Purchase Good-Quality Furniture

Purchasing high-quality furniture is another great addition to your office. There is no need to have office chairs that are ten years old. Even in the breakout area, purchase affordable but comfortable sofa chairs where people can rest and take their minds off work for a few minutes. Go for a theme with your furniture as well to show off your interior skills. If you don’t think you have any interior design skills then consider hiring a designer as well as a commercial fit-out contractor to do the hard work for you. 


When re-designing your office, you need to speak with your employees. Some people are open to change and can point you in the right direction to what they prefer. You can also make things personal to them as well. For example, let them pick the area they would like to sit in, as well as allowing to pick the chair they want to sit on. Just give them a budget and let them pick.