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3 Key Reasons Why Direct Mail is Still a Main Marketing Method

As the digital landscape continues to expand, more businesses are looking towards internet-driven methods of marketing. A majority of UK marketers, 72%, spend the best part of their budget on online marketing. 

However, a direct mail approach could be better for your business than social media and email marketing alone. Choosing a combination of marketing methods is a proven, effective approach, with direct mail marketing having its own advantages. 

We can all look at our laptops, tablets or smart phones, but there’s something unique about having a physical item to read. 

Here, we will explore three big reasons why direct mail is still a main marketing method, even in this ever-changing digital landscape. 

Personalisation and segmentation

As with many marketing techniques, personalisation is key to building a strong customer base. In fact, 91% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand who provide personalised offers and recommendations. And direct mail has the potential for strong personalisation approaches.

Whether you are adjusting images or copy to suit your customers, adding a personal touch could increase customer loyalty. You may even consider adding multiple pieces of direct mail within one envelope to attract the attention of the receiver. 

Not only can you personalise your marketing to specific customers, but you can segment your targeting approach. By providing direct mail, you can determine areas of interest depending on postcode. Equally, if a particular postcode is not effective, then direct mail can be stopped in this area without cancelling the rest of your marketing strategy. 


Another advantage of direct mail is the cost-effectiveness of this method compared with its return on investment. 

Companies using direct mail can see a return on investment of up to 112%, surpassing that of other marketing techniques. In fact, 42% of the Gen Z customer market researched more information online after receiving a piece of direct mail. 

A study conducted at the University of Spain suggests that direct mail appeals to a customer’s senses, making it more likely to persuade consumers into purchasing. The physical affect of the direct mail is something that digital marketing cannot achieve. Equally, the lifespan of the piece is effective. According to studies, a piece of direct mail marketing can last an average of 8.1 days in a potential customer’s house – this exposes them to the marketing multiple times, making it a highly effective method of marketing. 

Strong method for analysis

Direct mail is still a main marketing technique thanks to its analysis strength. By delivering direct mail to customers, you can track the progression of the buyer journey easier than that of email and social media marketing, where viewers can be anonymous. 

With direct mail, you know who is receiving what advert and using this information can help you establish strong strategies for the future. 

Adding multiple calls to action to the direct mail can give you insights into customer interaction. This could be a phone number, email address, or website for customers to visit. Monitoring your conversions, as influenced by the direct marketing, can give you greater insight into the buying habits and preferences of your customers. 

Direct mail is not a marketing technique of the past. In fact, it is growing stronger with the interest of Gen Z customers being peaked by the physical element of it. On average, direct mail marketing receives a response rate of 4.4% compared to just 0.12% for email marketing, making it a stronger approach when looking for conversions and customer interactivity. Not only can direct mail increase the likelihood of purchase, but it can also be monitored and adjusted easily to provide the strongest strategy.