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Nail your Law Firm’s Letterhead in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to the law, there are two qualities that stand out more brightly against others: that of professionalism and communication. And as someone with a law firm, you need to put those qualities across in every interaction that you have with your clients, whether direct and verbal, or passive. 

For non-verbal communication, one of the most important things that a law firm employs is its letterhead. Not only does it command the firm’s identity and brand image, but it also helps deliver a clear message that can then be acted upon and dealt with accordingly. 

The perfect letterhead requires patience and thought to make the end product one that is captivating, professional, and able to speak for itself – and with a little work, you can achieve such a letterhead too. 

Here are 4 design tips for creating your law firm’s letterhead:

  1. Be Creative yet Subtle

Before you even put pen to paper, your letterhead has the opportunity to communicate certain aspects of your brand to the reader. From the shapes and colors you choose to the images you decide to add, every element on your letterhead plays a part. 

To make the most of it, try to stick to your brand’s color scheme, adding variations through lighter and darker tones. And as for the imagery, it’s best to not overdo it so as to not confuse the reader visually. Start by adding your logo, and then unleash your creative side! 

With a letterhead, you can afford to step outside of the box and your law firm’s regular imagery – for instance, you can add an image of Lady Justice or of a gavel – both items that would help the reader connect with your firm. And the more they connect, the better the communication – which is the whole point of a letterhead anyways! 

Of course, it’s important to keep space on the letterhead – after all, it is for writing purposes. So, be sure to keep your designs under control and positioned smartly! 

  1. Make it Part of a Set

Let’s face it, letterheads can get boring, and with the sometimes stressful, sometimes panic-inducing messages they may carry, the dread of receiving one can increase manifold. 

A unique way to counter this and to make your letterhead seem fun and approachable whatever the message it may carry is to make it part of a set! You can design your letterhead in a way that the design flows onto your business card, a bookmark, a notepad – really any piece of stationery that you want! 

For instance, have a courtroom setting flow across the pieces. Or if you want to play it safe, then your logo – depending on the type, of course – can also be incorporated into a connected design. And if you’re still confused, then geometric shapes and patterns are always a safe bet!

Not only will this command attention as it’ll stand out from the crowd, but by enclosing your other stationary offerings along with the letterhead, you can better engage your readers. 

  1. Be Meaningful with Typography

The pre-printed font that you use on your letterhead can make a world of difference. While you do have the option of opting for a regular font – Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, whatever floats your boat – going down the typography route can add some serious zing and zest to your letterhead! 

Remember, your goal with typography is to make your law firm letterhead look as appealing as possible without disrupting readability. You need to cater to a wide range of audiences – after all, you don’t know who the next person reading your letterhead will be – so it’s best to keep font sizes average and font types not too complicated. 

A good route to go down is to keep it classic with stylized, bold fonts. In fact, you can even mix up fonts and use a combination, helping make standard, mundane information pop out. Just be sure to test compatibility so that your end product is an elegant letterhead that commands attention with its persuasive design! 

  1. Use an Online Template

For some of us, no matter how many design tips and tricks we read up on or how long we spend bent over trying to perfect a letterhead, the design will just slip away. Let’s face it, not everyone is meant to be a designer, and that’s okay! 

While an alternative is to go down the hiring lane and onboard a graphic designer to help you with your letterhead needs, the downside is pretty obvious: it’s going to be expensive! And if you’re a persistent one, then the satisfaction of having designed your material yourself might just not match. 

Instead, you can make life easy for yourself and use an online tool with pre-made templates! One of the best out there is the PosterMyWall letterhead creator tool – with dozens of letterhead templates to choose from, you’ll easily find one for your law firm, putting all of your letterhead worries to rest! 

So, if you’re looking to streamline communication for your law firm with a professional and effective letterhead, then these tried and tested design tips are the way to go. Easy to implement and all with space for creativity, you’ll be able to achieve the law firm letterhead of your dreams – just be sure to bring your own thoughts and ideas to create a piece that is unique and representative of your firm. Happy designing!