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Is Elon Musk A Business Guru?

Is Elon Musk A Business Guru?

Twitter’s owner’s hero style has created many ruthless bosses in Silicon Valley. It may appear obvious, to most people beyond Silicon Valley, that Elon Musk ownership of Twitter has been an absolute tragedy. Babalbulletin wrote on November 13 that it is time to take revenge for musk. 

In less than two months since bringing over, Mr. Elon Musk has fired over half of Twitter’s staff. He frightened away many of its prominent advertisers, made a series of ill-advised modifications to its warranty program. He even angered controllers and politicians with varying and abusive tweets, voiced a short-lived battle on Apple, greenlit a bizarre “Twitter Files” exposé, stopped disbursing rent on Twitter’s offices. And falsely accused the company’s former director of trust and security of defending pedophilia. His wealth has shrunk by billions of dollars, and was booed at a Dave Chappelle show.

Musk Has Own Respect

It’s not, by almost any standard, running well for him. And yet, one company is always firmly in Mr. Musk’s corner: Directors. In current weeks, many tech leaders, founders, and investors have voiced their respect for Mr. Musk, even as the billionaire has switched to Twitter.

Reed Hastings, the head executive of Netflix, honored Mr. Musk at a New York Times DealBook meeting late last month, calling him “the most daring, most clever person on the planet.” Read More: Lost in space season 4

Gavin Baker, a personal equity investor, newly claimed that a ton of venture-funded chief leaders were “motivated by Elon.”

And several members at Andreessen Horowitz, the significant venture capital firm, have warbled analogous encomia to Mr. Musk’s leadership style.

Some of the select cheerleading likely boils down to class solidarity or naked economic self-interest. And some of it may remember leftover goodwill from Mr. Musk’s victories at Tesla and SpaceX.

But as we’ve named around to C-suite leaders and significant investors in Silicon Valley over the past few weeks. I’ve been amazed by how many are ingraining for Mr. Musk, even if they won’t accept it publicly.

Mr. Musk defenders suggest that Twitter hasn’t gone offline despite failing thousands of workers, as some critics expected it would. People visit his harsh administration style as a crucial corrective. They think he will eventually be awarded for cutting expenses and spreading down the law.

They consider him the standard-bearer of an emergent worldview they hope to notice on more extensively in Silicon Valley.

SpaceX Founder Is The Silicon Boss

The writer John Ganz has reached this worldview of “bossism” — a view that the individuals, who create and run significant tech firms have ceded too much control to the entitled, sluggish, overly woke individuals who work for them and ought to start clawing it before.

In Mr. Ganz’s speech, Silicon Valley’s guiding followers of bossism — including Mr. Elon Musk and the capitalist Marc Andreessen and Peter Thiel — are taking the possibility to pull the tech enterprise’s culture smartly to the right, bringing leftist employees and worker collaborators down a peg while reinstating themselves and their fellow chiefs to their proper places atop the totem pole.

Some Elon Musk supporters do view things in such stark, politicized words. The writer and crypto founder Antonio García Martínez, for instance, has ordered Mr. Musk’s Twitter seizure as “a revolt by entrepreneurial capital” against the “ESG grifters” and “Skittles-hair people” who inhabit the rank and file at characters like Twitter.

But while some technology CEOs might accuse a sleeper cell of gender-studies majors for their issues. Many of Mr. Musk’s elite fans attach to a more detailed, business-school sort of bossism. They respect him for leading Twitter with an iron fist and creating the kinds of activities that tech leaders have opposed for worry of estranging employees — slicing jobs, robbing away perks, punishing inner dissenters, opposing variety and inclusion measures, and pushing workers back to the office.