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What is CPQ Software and How Your Business Can Utilize It

Software solutions that assist in the sale of complicated items are configured price and quote (CPQ) systems in business. A CPQ system’s goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity of your sales cycle. Sales teams have a better chance of developing lasting connections with clients and providing them with satisfying purchasing experiences since the CPQ software removes the danger of erroneous quotations. 

The program is intended to make it possible for sales teams to provide precise quotations nearly immediately. Products that may be modified based on customer needs have automatic pricing. Instead of wasting time calculating quotations while presenting a product, sales teams get real-time data that aids in moving prospects through the sales funnel and encouraging them to purchase.

How CPQ Works

Businesses often use Configure Price Quote software to increase productivity and sales velocity. To better grasp how the program works, let’s divide the CPQ process into three stages:


This speaks about setting up your goods or services. Businesses respond to the unique needs of each consumer by providing customized goods, services, and solutions, which makes it more difficult for sellers to do their jobs. The program configures complex product or service offers to meet the consumer’s needs. 

Additionally, it reveals upselling and cross-selling possibilities that the salesperson may have overlooked. Using this software solution eliminates the possibility of human mistakes and offers your sales staff more time to cultivate fruitful client connections.


Pricing becomes further harder when solutions are elaborate. You cannot have predetermined pricing for bespoke items before the product is configured. Sales representatives run the risk of losing customers and lengthening turnaround times if they set product prices that are below ideal levels.

The CPQ software uses AI to recognize client buying trends and market analysis to determine the price customers are willing to pay. In essence, the program ensures that you can provide your consumers with fair and unique pricing to them without sacrificing revenue.


Once the program has priced and set up your goods, you must provide your client with a comprehensive, error-free final quotation. Prospects often request quotations from many providers, so you must react swiftly.

Speed might be challenging since configuration, and precise pricing can be somewhat complex. This is precisely the situation where CPQ software may help.

You now know what the CPQ procedure entails. Remember that CPQ may provide unique quotations for your clients in addition to that. It enables sales representatives to check quotations before providing them to clients.

How Your Business Can Utilize CPQ

Although CPQ is a difficult procedure that needs care, your company may effectively adopt it by following these easy steps. Your firm may prosper and perform CPQ with little to no mistakes by identifying objectives and improving CPQ procedures.

Establishing objectives is your company’s first stage in the CPQ implementation process. This implies that your company must identify and establish objectives for what your CPQ process must include. For instance, what the objectives of the sales process are, what factors the quotation process should take into account, etc. 

The next stage focuses on improving the CPQ process and features. Thus your company should choose a few, in particular, to concentrate on, as spending too much time on pointless features might result in serious time inefficiencies.

Additionally, the next step is to begin the CPQ integration process. Choosing which CPQ tools and systems to use, such as quality, integration, and accuracy, is what your company should do in this stage to manage them. The next stage is to organize a change management team. 

This implies that your company has to have a well-defined and well-executed change management team since training assures accuracy and efficient CPQ execution processes. The last phase involves tracking optimization efforts, sales success, CPQ data, and other factors. Achieving the required outcomes and effectiveness ensures the continued success of the CPQ deployment of a firm.


CPQ helps companies improve performance and income. CPQ may be used in health, human resources, aviation, and other industries. CPQ helps companies succeed with goods and services by ensuring pricing accuracy and efficient quotation procedures.

CPQ helps sales teams configure goods on the fly using real-time data and meet their objectives. CPQ’s guided selling assures client retention and business empowerment with high profitability, helping firms close transactions. CPQ assures that your company will expand and affect other consumers to increase customer loyalty. CPQ will automate and popularize products and services.