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Increasing profits for a business

A Simple Guide to Improving Your Powersports Business

The objective of every business is to make profits and grow. The same applies to Powersport dealerships. Unfortunately, some dealers keep doing things the same way and expecting to attract customers.

Increasing profits for a business is not something that can be achieved overnight. It takes a lot of planning and strategizing. You must relook at your current strategies and replace them with new ones.

1. Create a Business Office

Creating a business office is one of the best ways of improving customer service, retaining customers, and increasing profits. Setting up an office doesn’t necessarily mean taking your clients into some huge or tiny office with staff dressed in uniforms. It means taking care of the needs of your valued customers.

Having a business office does not only make you professional but also provides an opportunity to interact with your customers. There are certain things that you must consider when setting up an office.

The first one is to hire employees who can easily relate with customers. While brokers can be a good short-term solution, their main focus is on the present deal and not fostering long-term customer relations. The other thing is that you should consider quality when choosing F&I products. You should also ensure that your staff and business managers are well trained.

2. Offer More Value

The truth is that most products in your shop are commodities before your customers. As a Powersports dealer, you must outshine your competitors through the products and services you sell and the way you treat your customers. Customers take note of how businesses treat them. Make them feel special by selling innovative products and services. Doing so will set your business apart from the rest and keep customers coming back.

Another way of offering value is through prepaid or priority maintenance programs. Owners understand how difficult it is for their bikes or sled to be tuned up for a pre-season. The idea behind prepaid or priority maintenance is to sell units at discounted prices with the objective of incorporating value ads like loaners and priority services.

3. Choose the Right Software or Technology

Technology has greatly transformed the business world including Powersports dealerships. A good example of the software you can use to improve your business is the Powersports Dealer Management System. There are several benefits that come with using this kind of system in your business. It is an ideal mobile app that allows your staff to perform tasks from any corner of your dealership.

Additionally, the technology helps you interact and track communication through the target CRM. This is a great way of growing the online presence of your dealership through positive reviews as well as the ability to collect payment by email and text. Finally, the app helps customers easily locate ports using the parts locator feature.

4. Join a Dealer 20 Group

Dealer 20 Groups offer dealer principals a chance to learn the best practices and share information from other dealers. The concept is popular in the automobile and RV industry but is slowly becoming embraced by Powersport dealers. You will find yourself together with similar-sized Powersport dealers from areas closer to travel.

Try to work with a company that has experience setting up 20 Groups for Powersport dealers. Some of the benefits and services you can get from Dealer 20 Groups include:

• Dealership invitations

• Monthly or quarterly meetings

• F&I product training for Business Offices

• Management Development programs

• Tricks to improve operational performance

• Sample job descriptions and policy manuals

5. Train Your Staff Properly

Last but not least, it is vital to provide your staff with continuous training and personal development. This can make a huge difference between a good team and a team of superstars. Every employee should have a personalized learning plan.

You don’t have to go for expensive training as there are many that are free or at minimal prices. The objective of the training is to equip your employees with the right knowledge and skills to handle customers.

In general, Powersports business is becoming increasingly competitive. As such, it is important to come up with strategies that will set you apart from your competitors.