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Things to Consider Before Hiring Junk Hauling Services

Whether you are clearing out your house or moving, hiring a junk hauling company is an essential step to ensure that all the items are removed. There are some things to consider before you hire a company to haul away your belongings, such as the cost, the size of the job, and whether you are hauling hazardous items.


Generally speaking, the cost of junk hauling services is more expensive than renting a dumpster. This is due to the fact that the service is a bit more specialized and requires more labor, materials and equipment. The price of the service is also based on the distance the company needs to travel to haul your junk away. If you aren’t planning on hauling the junk yourself, a full truckload will cost you between $400 and $450. If you have a smaller load, you can expect to pay between $70-$100 for a truckload.

Considering the cost of junk hauling services, it is important to note that some companies overcharge and lose out. While you can expect to pay the going rate, you can also save some cash by negotiating with companies that offer discounted rates. The best way to find an affordable junk hauler is to read the customer reviews. You might even find a few free estimates on the internet.

Size of the job

Having a clear understanding of the size of the job for junk hauling services is key to being able to charge a fair price. There are several ways to go about this, including volume based, time based, and charging by weight. However, most junk removal businesses will fall back on volume based pricing. Oftentimes, they will provide you with a rough estimate over the phone, and then give you a more accurate estimate when they are at your place of business.

One of the better ways to determine the size of the job for junk hauling is to measure the size of the load. This is especially true if you are hauling large items, such as appliances, that may require disassembly and/or several extra hands.

Number of items to be hauled

Depending on how much junk you need hauled, the amount of labor and time involved will affect the price. It is important to know how much time you will need before you hire a hauler. The hauler may offer a general price range over the phone, but may provide a more concrete estimate in person.

It is important to know how to properly dispose of junk. Items with hazardous materials must be handled carefully, and broken electronics should be taken to a proper recycling facility. Some appliances contain freon that needs to be disposed of properly. Some furniture, such as box springs, contain harmful chemicals.

When you call a junk hauler, you should ask questions about where the junk will be disposed. If it is in a pile on your front lawn, you will need to clear the area for the truck to drive. You may need to move vehicles around the area, too.

Volume-based pricing vs time-based pricing

Choosing the right pricing strategy for your junk hauling business is an important decision. Volume-based pricing is generally the most common. However, this method is not the quickest way to determine your cost of doing business. It can lead to incorrect pricing and can also be a waste of time. It can also be a costly exercise if you are not well-versed in the subject.

Time-based pricing is more intuitive and can be easily organized. It also provides a clear picture of how long you will spend on a job. This is especially important if the job is going to take longer than one hour. It can also help you to calculate expected profit on a job.

Weight-based pricing is a bit more scientific. It relies less on hunches and more on facts. This means that the price you are quoted is more precise.

Hazardous items

Whether you are moving or just have a bunch of leftover items, hazardous items hauling services can help you dispose of your waste safely. However, you need to know how to move hazardous materials safely and how to dispose of them appropriately before you can get your items hauled.

To transport hazardous materials, you need to obtain an EPA Identification number (EPA ID) from a licensed hazardous waste transporter. These transporters must also have insurance and expertise to transport hazardous waste. They also must have a transportation security plan in place. These plans must include an emergency response telephone number that will be monitored at all times when your hazardous material is in transit.

In order to be transported, your hazardous materials must be properly packaged and sorted. They should also be kept in the original containers. When you are transporting hazardous waste, you need to keep the hazardous materials from entering storm sewers and polluting rivers and lakes.