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5 Best Scooters In India For Those Busy Roads!

With so many scooters in the market, choosing the right one is not only important but also quite a task. We have researched and dug deep to bring you the 5 best scooters in India out there!

  1. Honda Activa:

The best part about this scooter is its reliability. Even today, you’ll see multiple 1st-gen Activas running on the roads without any major problems. It has been in the market for almost 15 years and is still running strong. Its neutral and simple design makes it favorable for anyone to purchase, and the big under-seat storage makes it practical too.

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  1. Suzuki Access 125:

The Honda Activa is a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable small motorcycle. It comes with a comfortable seat, premium fuel efficiency and the dependability of Honda products. In comparison to its competitors, it holds its own competitively even though it has fewer features compared to the other brands. The Activa is also popular with many colleges in India because of its reputation as a casual mode of transportation and its familiarity among the students who use them on a daily basis.

  1. TVS NTorq:

The NTorq is one of the newest models on this list of best scooter in India. It gets a punchy 125cc engine with a rather sporty exhaust note, something the enthusiasts love. The NTorq has successfully managed to capture the potential customers for the Honda Dio with its swanky graphics and aggressive design! Along with this, the NTorq also gets a completely digital screen with bluetooth connectivity

  1. Suzuki Burgman:

The Burgman is essentially an Access 125, inside the body of a maxiscooter. This big, bold and comfortable scooter has a fan following of its own! While it is a little bit bigger than your average scooter, it is supremely comfortable to ride and handles like a charm too!

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If you’re looking for something easy-going and comfortable for the city, the Burgman should be your go-to choice.

  1. TVS Jupiter:

The Jupiter was one of the first 110cc scooters produced by TVS. It rode well and handled very well, it was very practical and did not disappoint. It also had an external fuel lid which was a big deal back in the day. The biggest reason why people bought this scooter was its telescopic suspension for the front wheel, which made the ride much more comfortable when compared to any other scooter at that time.

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