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Do You Have Faith in Your Renovations Contractor?

Finding a reliable renovation contractor is the most crucial step for renovation projects. We’ve all heard horror stories about nightmare contractors who cause delays and generally complete subpar work. Instead, what you might need to consider is the sly contractor.

Contractor for ‘Sneaky’ Renovations

What exactly do we mean by a “sneaky” contractor? Simply put, a sly contractor goes out of their way to cut costs without the homeowner’s knowledge. Typically, this is accomplished by employing low-cost alternative building materials. In theory, this is not sneaky behavior. However, it quickly becomes malicious when the contractors’ prices do not reflect the quality.

But what if the prices are accurate representations of the actual material costs? We can still call a contractor “sneaky.” Especially if the homeowner needs to be fully informed of the implications of cost-cutting measures.

Stuff. Co.NZ recently ran a story about an Auckland home with non-compliant wiring. The electrician discovered faulty wiring inside the walls during a major renovation. Unfortunately, the cable used was not up to New Zealand standards, and if it caught fire, the home insurance might not have covered the damages.

Fortunately, these homeowners had an honest electrician who discovered the problem and explained its significance. Unfortunately, it is common for contractors to slip things past the owners to lower their prices or increase their margins.

What is the appearance of a trustworthy renovation contractor?

Not to paint a negative picture of all contractors, but it is critical to be cautious when working with home renovators. As tempting as it is to look for a good deal, the adage holds. What you pay for is what you get. Therefore, if the quoted price appears significantly lower than other quotes, this could indicate a low-quality, low-reputation renovations contractor.

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