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How Overseas Can Buy Plot In Kingdom Valley Islamabad

How Overseas Can Buy Plot In Kingdom Valley Islamabad


Most well-designed residential properties have situated in Islamabad. However, the latest most opulent housing venture is the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Additionally, Chakri Expressway, as well as International Airport in Islamabad, are nearby to this Society.

In addition, this cost-effective residential project provides an affordable, extensive period Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan. Mr Ghulam Hussain Shahid is the exceptional man behind this project.

The builder wants the finest architecture and outstanding social features to benefit precious tenants. The venture is also the most renowned and advantageous industrial hub with an urbanised strategy and the latest recent development change.

Since it is a part of the Naya Pakistan Residential Scheme, the initiative has a legitimate NOC. This Society offers the best facilities and essential services, and having plots accessible at a low-cost rate is more appealing.

Renowned Developers

This project in twin cities is owned and developed by Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal, who appreciates his accomplishments. Additionally, he is particularly well-known for his development initiatives.

The residential project has been designed with complete dedication by a workforce that has received suitable training. 

Ideal location

This Society is close to the Chakri Exit. The concept is a premier project in twin cities due to its placement. This Society is near well-known housing developments, including Mumtaz City, BWC, and CSC.

Additionally, it is about a few kilometres away towards Rawalpindi Roundabout. Links to stunning Bahria Town, DHA, and  International Airport are also near. The housing project is reachable via several roads in the twin cities, such as Rawalpindi Military Academy.

 Approved Society

The project’s legitimacy is crucial for business people and prospective inhabitants to feel confident. Moreover, Society has legal validity since it is a division of the government residential project. The legitimacy also guarantees that this dwelling venture will take place quickly.

Feasible Payment Plans

The accommodation program includes a variety of properties with a very reasonable payment schedule in installments. The Four year Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan includes forty monthly installments and Eight biannual installments.

Additionally, each person must pay a deposit per the plot’s dimension and a voting fee. Consequently, the outstanding balance is due in installments.

Exceptional Master Plan

 The Society master plan is well-designed and executed. The overall expansion of the Society has covered an area of fifteen thousand Kanal. The grand design for the residential development also includes a high-end infrastructure building, amusement parks, cutting-edge treatment centres, and other attractions.

 Additionally, experts strongly advise purchasers to invest money in this property to take advantage of the best facilities and amenities. The makers split this Society into exquisite blocks to augment its desirability. These blocks include 

  •  Kingdom Villas,
  • Overseas Executive Block
  •   Kingdom Heights 
  •  Residential Block
  •   Executive Block 
  •  Kingdom Apartments 
  •  Farmhouse Block
  • Commercial Block

Overseas Block

This block is the most exclusive and in-demand block of Society. The overseas block provides the most admired block of Society. The developers of the Society have specifically designed this block for overseas Pakistanis.

The developers understand that Pakistani living abroad want their own house in their homeland but are scared of miscommunication or fraudsters. This Society is under the initiative of the state program, so there is no doubt about its legitimacy.

In addition, the local authorities have cleared the NOC of the residential project. That makes its chances of finishing on time and according to the best standards as expected. That’s why developers have decided to dedicate this block to Pakistanis outside the country.

The developers ensure to provide the best facilities and luxuries to their residents. Security is the most prevalent issue in our country. To resolve the problem, the developers have installed surveillance cameras around Society.

Additionally, the management has deployed a special task force and officers around Society who check and balance security conditions. 

  • The overseas block has magnificent and luxurious residential plots of the Eight, Twelve and Sixteen Marlas.

Remarkable Features

  • Beautiful Parks and Gardens
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Ideal Vicinity
  • Contemporary Layout
  • Legitimate Society
  • Carpeted Streets
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Security Personals
  • Mosques
  • Eco-friendly Environment
  • Lavish Lifestyle
  • Campuses of International Schools
  • Affordable Financing Plan
  • Drainage System
  • Provision of Utilities (Electricity, Gas & Water) 
  • Secured Gated Society

How Overseas Can Book a Plot

Some documents are necessary to secure a property in this block, like

  • Photocopy of CNIC of buyers
  • New Photos of the buyers
  • Photocopy of CNIC of following in a family
  • Receipt or Screenshot of the deposit slip

Reasons To Invest 

It is the most luxurious and exclusive block of Society. Compared to its amenities and facilities, the pricing is very feasible. The security is top-notch, and the infrastructure is world-class. Society has strategically placed in the most critical area, which is extremely near the central city.

This magnificent Society has links from all the major sites of the twin cities. The best time for the investment is now, as the booking has just started, the Society also has the building phase, and the pricing is still very low. One thing to ensure is to pay the debt to avoid complications. 


A fantastic opportunity exists at Overseas block for individuals seeking to invest in a successful venture. It is unquestionably a trustworthy project because it works with the NPHP. In the not-too-distant future, the initiative will be even more successful than it now is. It is an excellent chance to contribute to this worthwhile endeavour. Investors in twin cities get to benefit significantly from investing in this Society. People adore how convenient and affordable it is.

Additionally, individuals from other nations are receiving assistance from this residential complex. Furthermore, this housing organisation offers state-of-art architecture SEO Dubai with access to all services, from convenience to magnificence. Lastly, The Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan is a significant factor which investors and buyers admire.