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Ten new astonishing styles in Nail Polish Packaging of 2020

Are you curious to know about the most astonishing styles of nail polish boxes that broke all the records of sales in 2020? have a sneak peek at all such styles. The boxes which are made to keep the flamboyant nail polish bottles inside them are known as nail polish boxes. They are made up of high-quality corrugated paperboards and often kraft paper, which not only keeps the product safe but also keeps the environment free from any harmful chemical reactions. They do not release any toxic elements when burnt hence, adding to the safety of the environment. They are highly versatile and can be used to display, store, or simply keep delicate nail polish bottles. They are high in demand in the market due to the ever-growing cosmetic industry. These boxes are specifically designed to cater to the needs of nail paint jars. For instance, there are soft cushions added to the interior of such boxes to protect the damageable glass bottles of these nail products. Their market value can also be enhanced by using custom printing designs and themes on these boxes, which can fit the needs of a particular brand or product.

Revenue generated by Nail polish packaging has gone sky-high due to their innovative designs and styles that continue to come into the market with every passing day. The designs, which are rare and unique, never fail to grab buyers’ attention, hence, increasing the sales of the product. Therefore, consumers always prefer nail polish boxes with innovative styles that get viewers’ eyes glued to such boxes. Following are the ten most astonishing styles of such boxes that kept on trending in 2020.

1 Hand-painted box style

Custom nail polish boxes that are painted from either watercolors or acrylics are trending in 2020. Hand-painted boxes give the impression of handmade boxes, which adds to the sentimental value of the boxes. This style of such boxes has been adapted by many of the manufacturers. One of the biggest perks of opting for this style is that it can be customized with colors even at home.

  1. Ribbon-tied shoulder boxes

This style of box, the type of box used high-quality nail polish boxes that look like luxury boxes. It has decent graphics and an elegant finish. Given this style, each box is tied with a ribbon making a bow at the center of the box. This style of the box can be used to gift high-end nail polish to your loved ones.

  1. Magnetic closure style

In this type of box, the closure is the most attractive part of the box. It makes the box more appealing hence, developing curiosity in the viewers. Magnetic closure is trending greatly in every niche of packaging. They not only make the packaging look appealing but also add to the convenience of the packaging.

  1. Pouch-style perforated boxes

Nail polish box manufacturers use this style of packaging to give a unique outlook to the boxes. This style of packaging has a pouch-like appearance because it is made up of kraft paper or any designed paper instead of cardboard. They also have a window in the lower part of the pouch to display the nail polish bottle it contains, which adds to their value. These boxes entailing this style are relatively less durable compared to other boxes. 

  1. Velvet-coated boxes with zip closures

Given this style, boxes appear as the best nail polish boxes in the world. It is because it is a specific style of gift packaging. This type of style has been used by many luxury brands for the packaging of their gift range of nail polish bottles. One such brand is Channel, which introduced this gift packaging with the name Nordstrom to pack its luxury nail paints.

  1. Self-embossed boxes

Self-embossed boxes are the perfect fit for marketing elegant and classy nail products. These boxes have plain and simple themes with just the name of the brand or their logo embossed on the box surface. It gives a three-dimensional look to the boxes, increasing the value of their products. Moreover, the slightly raised logo or brand name makes it feasible for the buyers to recognize the brand from even a distance.

  1. Hand lettering style

There are some custom-printed nail polish boxes in the market that have a plain white background with hand-lettered text printed on the surface. Sometimes, boxes with the same style are seen with watercolor theme printed backgrounds and hand lettering. The text and quotes to be printed on these boxes can also be customized.

  1. DIY patterned paper boxes

Some startup packaging businesses have gone for this style of packaging to make DIY boxes with patterned or printed paper. This is the best option for making these boxes within reasonable manufacturing costs, and consumers can also buy these boxes from nail polish boxes wholesale at budget-friendly rates. The patterned paper can be chosen according to the desired theme for the boxes.  

  1. Vintage style

Vintage-style boxes have never gone out of trend. Whether it is 1920 or 2020, vintage-style packaging for cosmetic items has always won the hearts of people. In this style, vintage-themed paperboards are used; sometimes, thin vintage-style printed sheets are coated on the kraft or otherwise simple boxes to give them an overall vintage look. Most of the affordable nail polish boxes make use of this style of packaging.

  1. Two-way opening style

In this style of packaging, there is a two-way opening to a single box. A box is given bottom closure as well as top closure to make it look distinguished from all other boxes. Most of the time, these boxes carry two nail polish bottles enclosed in the same box but have different openings. This triggers curiosity, especially in young buyers, and they end up buying the product. A single product can also be packed in such boxes having two-way opening styles but, that is rare to be seen in the market

All the mentioned above styles have proved to be the rarest and the most hot-selling styles of nail polish boxes in the year 2020. All of these have turned out to be the business boosters of the cosmetic industry. Therefore, manufacturers can use any of these styles to boost their sales.