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Rigid Cardboard box: 6 premium printing options

Companies have started using rigid cardboard boxes because of their premium quality. You can also rely on it as it has many customization options. To improve the overall quality of this packaging, you can also use the latest finishing techniques. Another advantage of using this packaging is that it is available in all sizes and shapes. To impress your customers, you can also add accessories to it. People that are making the most sales are using the label of sustainability for this packaging as well. You can easily purchase this packaging at affordable prices as well. Following are the best 6 printing options that you have for these boxes. 

Flexo printing:

Custom rigid boxes must have high-quality printing to increase the attraction of the products. Flexo printing is the best option for businesses that don’t have enough budget. It is comparatively a cost-effective method compared to other methods. Another amazing thing about this printing method is that it helps in providing a great outlook for your products. Companies that are dealing with heavy printing need to use this printing option. This printing method is also helpful for increasing the visibility of the text and logo printed on the boxes. You can also use this method to print images as well. This option is suitable for these boxes. It is because the materials used in the manufacturing of this packaging are also print-friendly. Rigid boxes with flexo printing will also improve the worth of your products. Most brands use this printing because of its high-quality image placement on these boxes. 

Litho printing: 

Rigid box packaging with Litho printing is another option if you want to highlight your products in the market. This option is a combination of lamination as well. If you want to improve the glow of your printing details, litho printing is the best option for you. This process involves the use of color impact on the boxes. There is a specific liner board used for these boxes to increase their overall value.

This printing option can be availed on the single faces of these boxes. Custom-printed rigid boxes with litho printing are gaining the most popularity. It is because of its two-in-one function, as it highlights the printed details as well. When you are using this technique on the boxes in bulk, the unit prices decrease as well. This will also help in increasing the overall value of the products. This printing also runs for a long time without affecting the original quality of the packaging. The process of litho printing is also not long, and you will receive your products within time. 

Digital printing: 

Rigid Boxes with digital printing are the best when it comes to the marketing and promotion of your products. You can use this method to easily print images on the boxes. This cannot be done easily with other printing methods as it will take a lot of time. This method is considered the best one because of the efficient results and perfect resolution of the images. Companies that are using this method are generating the best reviews. You can also improve the overall quality of the boxes by printing themes and attractive sketches on these boxes. This method helps a lot in making your products look better than the rest. Custom rigid boxes USA focuses on using this method because it does not require any medium for image transferring. Moreover, it is also easy to print different themes on these boxes. 

Offset printing: 

A Rigid box with offset printing will also give you more customers. The process of offset printing revolves around the transfer of the desired images on the boxes with the help of a medium. This medium is usually a rubber plate. There can be a metallic surface coming in contact with the boxes. You can also call it an ink-printing process. The turnaround time for this option is quick, and you will not have to wait to receive your products. Similarly, you can also print any surface, whether a die-cut window design or packaging. You will also have the liberty to print any shape of the packaging. 

Screen printing: 

It is another printing option for Rigid Cardboard boxes. This printing option is suitable for businesses that have agreed to wait for a long time. It is because this is an intensive process that requires a screen as a transferring media. However, the results you get after getting your hands on these boxes are excellent. Some experts think this option is more effective as compared to digital printing. Businesses that are just getting started in the market can take advantage of this method. It is a cost-effective solution and does not need many materials. You can also choose this option if you want your products to look distinctive from the rest. 

UV printing: 

A rigid Box with a lid and UV printing improve the shelf impact of the products. This method is gaining popularity in the market because of the high-level print exposure. This process gets completed quickly, and it operates faster compared to any other option. Moreover, over time, there have been certain developments in making this option a sustainable option. You can also save energy by using this option. Another advantage of this method is that because it involves the touch of UV, your packaging will outshine other products in the market. 

A Rigid cardboard box with high-quality printing will give you the most sales. When it comes to these boxes, you need to provide high-end printing. Choosing flexo-printing is a reliable option if you want to make your audience go wow. Similarly, a digital printing method is also important for leaving an outstanding impression on the customers. With the help of UV printing, you can easily improve the shine of the packaging. All of these printing options are perfect as well for increasing brand recognition.