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5 Places in New York for Those Who Love the Series “Friends”

The Main Characters’ Apartment

Unfortunately, Chandler and Joey’s apartment and Monica and Rachel’s real flat are all sets from a movie. The home is really placed at 90 Bedford Street in the West Village, but this is the building’s exterior with the fire escapes that we could see in the series.

One cannot but think back to Monica and Rachel’s flat where the “disgusting nude man” lived, which was often visible from the living room windows by the series’ protagonists. Legend has it that one of the producers lived in this building in Greenwich Village, and the idea for the series was conceived in this apartment during a party. By the way, the original title of the series was supposed to sound like “Once Upon a Time in Greenwich Village.

Cafe Central Perk

According to the plot, in the same house, there is a constant meeting place for friends – the Central Perk cafe. In reality, this building houses a Mediterranean restaurant. For something a little more like Central Perk, we recommend heading to Bloomingdale’s, the real-life iconic New York department store where Rachel Green began her career at Ralph Lauren. The department store created a Central Perk-themed area featuring the show’s iconic orange couch in recognition of this heritage. Additionally, free coffee is given to anybody who buys an item from the Ralph Lauren x Friends line.

Ross Gallery

Ross works at the New York Museum of Prehistoric History, which is a fictional institution, although the American Museum of Natural History is a true institution. You won’t even realize the shift because it’s so much like Ross’s workplace there, and you’ll also get to spend time with someone who will help you.

The Source

The same fountain where the characters dance at the start of every episode. Despite there being two almost identical fountains in New York – Cherry Hill in Central Park and the Pulitzer Fountain in Grand Army Plaza – the image was shot at a fountain at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles.

Hotel Plaza

One of New York’s most picturesque locations for movies! Of course, it is most known for the exploits of Kevin McCallister in the film Home Alone 2, but this place also appears in the television series Friends. At the end of the seventh season, it was here that friends celebrated the engagement of Monica and Chandler over champagne.