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How Bakery Items Could Be Fatal for Your Health?

Bakery items are quite popular among individuals. People of any age group including adults and children, all are fond of eating bakery items. The taste of almost each bakery item is mouthwatering and delicious. There are a lot of confectioners that bake tasty items and embellish them with perfect toppings that look fascinating to customers. No doubt the taste of the edibles is also amazing. Confectioneries use different tactics to market their items and are generating maximum revenues as well. Most effective custom printed bakery boxes are used to keep the baked items safe and secure from contamination.

Custom printed bakery boxes designed with Custom Kraft Boxes are also effective in promoting the brand in the market. But these baked items can have an adverse impact on health. They could be fatal for the human body if consumed more than a limit. Some of the baked items and their effects on long-term consumption are enlisted below:

Cakes and Pastries

Cakes are perfect to eat on different occasions, in order to celebrate any event. These can be dangerous for the health of people specifically for those who are diabetic patients. The cakes can add up to the actual weight of the body and may contribute to increasing the sugar level of the body as well. Cakes consist of a high content of carbohydrates that can increase the fats in the body and may lead to different health issues. Sometimes sugar can be allergic to different patients which may aggravate a lot of different health concerns such as skin diseases, blood infections, etc. The blood cholesterol level can also be increased due to an increased intake of cakes and pastries.  Sometimes cakes may cause difficulty in digestion as well.

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Muffins are baked with a lot of sugary ingredients that increase the sweetness above an optimal level. These may increase fats in the body and may be a reason for a rapid rise in body weight. According to different studies, it has been reported that a single price of muffin consists of about 665 calories which are more than enough to be consumed in a day.  If you eat muffins daily and make it a routine to have muffins in breakfast, this can be alarming for your health. Different health issues related to the heart can take place such as hypertension to increased intake of sugar content in the body. You must eat muffins in small quantities or bake such items at home with less sugary ingredients that could be dangerous for the body.


However, pizzas are not sweet and sugary but they are also included in the list and have adverse impacts on health if consumed on daily basis. Pizzas can also contribute to weight gain because of the cheese content present in the ingredients. There are also great chances of strokes that can increase the level of sodium in the body which is a major cause of stroke. You can also deal with a number of gastrointestinal problems and stomach issues due to the increased intake of pizza. Some people can be extremely sensitive to cheese intake which can increase the risk of acne in the body. This can also cause oil secretion from the skin and worsen different skin infections in the body.


Bread is one of the essential bakery items that is eaten with most meals either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A lot of snacks are also prepared with the help of bread. It is actually prepared with the use of highly processed wheat and the additional ingredients can make it unhealthy for the body. Brad is a lo a major contributor to increased weight gain and obesity. It can cause various heart diseases due to an increase in blood insulin levels. A lot of doctors consider white bread to be fatal for diabetic patients. It can impact severely on the digestive system as well. Bread may consist of an increased level of fats and carbs content that increases the risk of various other health problems.

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These are also consumed in breakfast and consist of a calorie-dense composition. Eating one bagel is equal to 6 slices of bread which can increase up to 300 calories in the body. They also consist of a high content of cheese which increases the 50 calories with every 5g intake of cheese. This whole composition is enough to interpret the adverse consequences that bagels could have on the human body. The additional toppings on bagels such as chocolate chips and sugar-coated candies may also increase the level of health concerns.  Bagels can weaken your immune system and may cause a lot of disruptions in the digestive system. Increase the blood cholesterol level which can raise the risk of a lot of cardiovascular issues in the body.