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Pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Lash extensions are fibres that are semi-permanent and are made of synthetic, faux mink, or silk. These fibres are placed to each strand of your natural lashes one by one to give you longer, fuller lashes and to enhance the overall appearance of the eyes.

In the article, let’s weigh the positives and negatives of lash extensions and see if lash extensions are truly worth the hype and price.

Pros of eyelash extensions

Completely safe when done by a professional

Eyelashes when done by an experienced professional under hygienic conditions is safe. It takes about two hours to put on eyelash extensions. Lash extension procedures will take place in a calm and peaceful setting. You can either sit or lie down. Just as you visit the salon to get put on the lash extensions, you should also get it removed by a professional to avoid chances of infections and allergic reactions. It’s possible that a lash glue remover contains substances to which you’re allergic or that irritate your skin. First, get a list of ingredients from your technician. Use a remover that does not include formaldehyde.

Instant fix for beautiful lashes

It hardly takes about 2 hours to get your lash extensions fixed. The lash expert will add the lash extensions to your natural lashes using glue and then, you will be guaranteed hassle-free long lashes for weeks. It just takes two appointments with your cosmetologist to get beautiful lashes. Although extensions are more harmful, The better option for Eyelash extensions would be natural lash growth serums.

Customizes solution to best match your face

Eyelash extensions can be designed to meet your face cuts and your desire. This is why most people choose lash extensions these days. You can ask the lash expert to tailor-make the lash extensions for you and he/she will design the length, thickness, and curliness of the lash extensions based on your input. So, apart from giving you instant solutions, they add value to your opinions.

Saves time spent on lash make-up

Caring for and maintaining natural lashes is a long process that needs your time and attention every day. You need to allocate at least 15 minutes every day, to brush your lashes, and apply primer, mascara, eyeliner, and other products like curlers related to your eyes to make your natural lashes look so beautiful. Also, natural lashes need a bedtime lash routine during which the lashes need to be cleaned, pat dried, and a serum needs to be put on. On the other hand, lash extensions do not need any maintenance after they are put on. So, lash extensions save a considerable amount of time every day.

Eliminates the need for mascaras

Mascaras are needed on natural lashes to make them look longer, thicker, and darker. But with lash extensions, you no longer need mascaras or curlers to get perfect lashes.

Cons of eyelash extensions

Not a permanent solution

When properly cared for, lash extensions can last up to six weeks. Extensions will fall out at the same time as your natural hair, which is usually every six to eight weeks. Refills are a terrific way to keep your lashes looking amazing for longer, and they should be done every two to three weeks.

Causes eye infection when not done professionally

Another hazard after an extension is infection. Not only may an eye infection leave you with red, goopy eyes, but it can also lead to a corneal ulcer, which might put your vision at risk. Infections are frequently caused by a lack of proper hygiene. If your lash extensions are causing you discomfort or an allergic response, you should probably remove them.

Digs a hole in the pocket

Eyelash extensions might cost up to Rs 5,000 each set. It’s also not a one-time cost. You’ll have to pay an additional Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 each time you need them re-done, which would be at least once a month, depending on how many lashes you need.

Requires repeated salon visits

Extensions will fall out at the same time as your natural hair, which is usually every six to eight weeks. And so you need to get them frequently to maintain the full lash look. Refills can be done only by lash experts and so, when you once decide to choose lash extensions, you should remember that you will be visiting the salon every few weeks. While it is time-consuming, it is also a recursive expenditure.

Lash extension can get uncomfortable

When the lash extension is not properly done, you can feel uncomfortable after the procedure. Another factor that could be causing you pain is the lash glue you’re applying. Some people have an allergic reaction to eyelash glue. That’s why it’s not only unsettling, but it also irritates their eyes!


While lash extensions seem a quick and viable solution to get a well-defined lash line, the cons are to be considered too. If you regularly use make-up, then lash extensions can be helpful as they rule out the need for everyday eye makeup. On the other hand, if you occasionally wear make-up, the best possible solution would be to grow your lashes naturally with an eyelash growth serum.