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blue ombre nails

Blue Ombre nails and the latest nail trends for the summer

Ombre nails are the newest trend. They can be created with two or more colors that fade out on either side of your nail, with the most popular combination being pink and white on the left and a rainbow gradient on the right. These new nails are becoming popular due to their design, which helps to create a perfect nail for you. You can find all these details in this blog post!

Learn about the history of blue ombre nails

If you want a trendy new nail style, ombré nails are a perfect choice. They give 3D effect through either acrylics or gel nails, and have been growing in popularity. This trend was born from the fashion industry and it might seem like its popularity would only last for as long as people were talking about it. However, celebrities starting wearing them on red carpets and fashionistas everywhere have done so too since its origins are from the fashion industry.

Neon ombre nails are the bomb

What is the difference between gel and acrylic nails?

A popular misconception is that gel nails are more expensive than acrylic nails. This is not the case! It is actually the other way around- Acrylic nails are more expensive because they require extra steps, but they can still be just as durable as gel nails.

What are some types of nails you can have on your hands or toes?

Here are three types of nails- natural, acrylic, and gel. Natural nails are the most expensive and durable, but acrylic are said to be the most popular because they’re easy to apply and removable. Gel nails are applied like acrylic but last even longer.

Nail Healthy Tip

One option is to paint your nails using a clear topcoat. This will make them last longer and also look more polished as they will take on the shape of a French manicure. Other options are to use nail polish with a clear base or different colors with a clear top coat, which can also make your manicure last longer. Here are some tips for keeping your nails healthy.

What is the definition of coffin nails?

Coffin nails are long and thin, with a sharp edge. They are called this because of the way that they look like coffins. Coffin nails can be square-ended or pointed. They come in many shapes and sizes, including coffin tips, similar to stiletto nails. The coffin nail is often favoured by brides for their wedding day as it looks amazing with stunning stones on rings.

How to do an ombre dramatic nail

Spice up your manicure with ombre nails. Easy at home and only requires nail polish. After painting the full nail with one color, paint a different colour on the edge of the nail to create a gradient effect or use an accessory like a toothpick to create more professional designs.

A great video of how to do blue ombre nails

How to get a cool color gradient in your nails

Lavender ombre nails are the best colours for this year. The most popular colour is lavender, so popular because it matches the floral season. If you want to be edgy why not try black coffin nails?