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Top 3 Ways To Increase The Resale Value Of Used Bike Before Selling

What Makes You Sell Existing Motorcycle & Increase Resale Value

Are you wondering how to best sell your existing motorcycle to a reliable choice buyer? If yes, then you must know what to keep in mind while getting your used bike ready for recycling purposes. But before that, you must know the clear signs that compel you to sell the second-hand motorcycle with no further delay.

Key Signs to Resell Your Existing Motorcycle

There are quite a few things that you have been noticing in your motorcycle which is not that right. Here, we are mentioning four such clear signs that surely compel you to sell your bike after doing the real-time bike valuation online at a reliable platform like Wheels of Trust (WOT).

1. Mileage is degrading at a fast pace: The first and foremost sign of your degrading motorcycle is the lowest set of mileage efficiency. Week by week, you might be experiencing the mileage going downwards and your motorcycle is consuming more fuel while covering a limited set of kilometers. As a result, you are paying more than the affordable fuel cost. If such is the case with you, then there is no point in keeping riding your existing bike for a long. Even after doing the regular service, this issue might not get fixed. So, the solution lies is with reselling your bike to a potential buyer or even a two-wheeler company at the expected price.

2. Its an old motorcycle that you have: As the year increase, the overall riding life of your motorcycle gets decreases. In case, you have an old bike with you, then there is no point keep riding the same. It is because of the fact that the old vehicle has worn out parts and an unexpected breakdown issue in the middle of the road. Moreover, its reselling value also decreases with time. Therefore, it is beneficial to resell the same on a reliable platform.

3. Physically degradation of the vehicle: Not just in terms of age, but the overall physical appearance of your motorcycle might be degrading at a fast pace. There might be a case that the bike’s paintwork is damaged, broken electricals, worn out parts, dust & grime accumulated on surface areas, and more. You can sell your existing motorcycle if the physical appearance can no longer be fixed with service, washing, and cleaning.

4. Expensive maintenance cost of bike: Another area of concern that is sure to make you resell your used bike is not bearing the expensive maintenance cost. With the increase in the age of the bike, it requires regular maintenance, change of spare parts, and service at regular intervals. It might levy heavily on your pocket while maintaining the bike within your minimal budget.

Three best ways to increase the resale value of your bike

Follow three essential ways to enhance the overall value of your motorcycle while thinking of reselling the same.

· Maintain its physical presence: You have to maintain the physical wellness of your old motorcycle to capture the attention of the potential buyer. Taking this into consideration, you have to wash, polish, & clean the motorcycle to remove all the accumulated dirt, dust, grease, and grime. If it requires paintwork, then do the same with the help of an automotive partner. Apart from this, you have the option of doing bike polish and letting the overall

the structure appears shining and new to the eyes of onlookers.

· Fix the mechanical inaccuracies: Not just physical wellness, but mechanical accuracy is also important for your used motorcycle. Regarding the same, you can check your bike with the auto expert to fix identified and unidentified mechanical issues, change spare parts, fix leakages, tighten up the nuts & bolts, and even add or remove necessary accessories. · Maintain the list of documents: Another imperative way to increase the resale value of your bike is by preparing a list of original documents of your used bike. It must include mandatory documents like Registration Certificate, insurance document, service history booklet, PUC certificate, road tax document, and the list goes on.

Concluding Thoughts

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